Top 10 Most Memorable Villains Of 2012

Most Memorable Villains of 2012

With 2012 being a distant memory we sit back and reflect on some of the more notable villains of last year. The rankings were based purely on how much of a “wow” factor they were able to generate when introduced last year and keep in mind many still have story their lines running well into 2013.

Oh, and the spoiler cup runneth over.

Mars Attacks 2012

10. The Martians from Mars | Mars Attacks

Perhaps the most powerful empire in the known IDW Universe just can’t seem to ever invade earth properly. With technology centuries ahead of ours and with the power to split the earth in half something always manages to go wrong and the earth prevails. John Layman has easily made these band of ruthless cut throat Martians one of my favorite baddies to read monthly. Ruthless they might be but luck they have zero of.

The Vine 2012

9. The Vine | X-O Manowar

2012 marked the return of Valiant along with their flagship title X-O Manowar. Other then X-O’s brief scuffle with Ninjak the Vine is X-O’s main enemy as they are responsible for kidnapping X-O and holding him captive for hundreds of years. The Vine infiltrated earth hundreds of years ago switching new born human babies with their own species disguising them as human. Now in modern times the alien race works along side the worlds top 1 percent to maintain control. The Vine is a very powerful enemy and will continue to plague X-O into the new year unless he can wipe them out during the Planet Death storyline.

Namor 2012

8. Namor | Avengers vs X-Men

Namor is one of the few mutants that has played both sides of the hero universe by being a villain then a hero. Later on he would eventually become one of the more memorable Avenger members only to join the X-Men on a full time basis. He’s always been cocky but during the A v X series his villainous traits would resurface somewhat when he became influenced by the Phoenix Force. Before losing his Phoenix powers he lead a one man assault on Black Panther’s nation of Wakanda an event that until now has not been forgotten as it was once again referenced by the Black Panther in New Avengers #2. Some may see Namor as a good guy others as a villain or possibly in between but his attack on Wakanda in Avengers vs X-Men #8 will not be forgotten anytime soon earning him a spot in our Most Memorable Villains of 2012.

Bullseye 2012

7. Bullseye | Daredevil End of Days

Brian Michael Bendis sure knows how to grab your attention immediately as we are seeing in his Daredevil: End of Days mini series. The issue opens up to an intense fight between Daredevil and his biggest enemy Bullseye as they exchange lefts and rights dead smack in the middle of New York City while the cameras are rolling for the whole world to see. If Daredevil was to ever really die in his current continuity Bendis nailed what I felt was an awesome way. Having Bullseye beat Daredevil to death and ramming his signature baton through Daredevils left ear and out the other live on CNN was pure gold and only a ruthless villain could pull that off. Bullseye might not be as dangerous as others on the list but anyone that can kill off Daredevil is surely a villain not to over look.

Red Skull 2012

6. Red Skull | Uncanny Avengers

Rick Remender said we would get one of the biggest “oh $?!t” moments of the year in the final page of Uncanny Avengers and boy he wasn’t lying! John Cassaday drew one of the most memorable and everlasting images of the Red Skull gripping Charles Xavier’s brain while Charles laid dead on the table with his skull wide open. That was in 2012 and for 2013 the Red Skulls new found powers have been teased in Uncanny Avengers #3 positioning him as a huge menace for the new year. Talk about real bad guys then look no further.

Negan 20120

5. Negan | The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a force to be reckoned with lately and when something huge was teased for issue #100 the entire comic book community knew Robert Kirkmen had to deliver big time. Sure the book sported plenty of variants, become one of the biggest sellers of all time but putting that all side the biggest moment came when one of The Walking Dead’s longest and favorite characters was not only killed he was beaten to death in the most gruesome way it could have been done by a new villain Negan. Talk about memorable moments this one has it. Negan entered The Walking Dead world with a bang proving his middle name is “Bad M%@&$”.

Doc Ock 2012
4. Doc Ock | Amazing Spider-Man

Dan Slott has been penning one of the most memorable Spider-Man runs ever which has been receiving non stop praise issue after issue. An amazing run on any character we can get once in a while but to as easily turn that love into hate and still have the entire worlds eyes on you and turn that love into death threats is just as memorable. Killing off Peter Parker and making his long time nemesis Doc Ock the new Spider-Man is so insane that its pure gold. Doc Ock has been locked in a feud with Spider-Man for 50 years and what a better way for Doc Ock to get one up on Spider-Man by switching bodies and then beating him until Peter Parker takes his final breaths in Doc Ocks old decaying body earning him a spot in the most memorable villains of 2012 List. Now that’s cruel.

Anton Arcane 2012
3. Anton Arcane | Swamp Thing

Scott Snyder has taken Anton Arcane and turned him into one of DC’s most dangerous villains as he leads the Rot into taking over the world by killing off all the living. Painted as an unstoppable force The Rot has played out across three books Animal Man, Frankenstein, and Swamp Thing. All your DC favorites Superman, Batman, Flash, and nearly everyone else except for a select few with relations to the Green and Red have fallen to The Rot or in other words Arcane himself since he is the Avatar of the Rot. Bringing the world down to its knees is no easy achievement but anyone who can take out all of DC’s big guns is a major player.

Joker 2012

2. Joker | Batman

The Jokers return in the New 52 had to be big and Scott Snyder knew his return had to be a bigger event then the Court of Owls story line so what a better way then to have the Joker kidnap Alfred and reek complete havoc on Gotham City, Batman, and his extended Batman crew. Sure it’s been done before but the Joker is Batman’s most intimate villain as he had pushed not only Batman but his entire family into the brink of doing the unthinkable. The body count mounted as the Joker ran wild and his murdering of police officers in Batman #13 was not only memorable but freakishly creepy courtesy of Gregg Capullo’s art. The Joker may not have any superpowers but he is always a threat.

Cyclops 2012

1. Cyclops | Avengers vs X-Men

Marvel promised a major death in the Avengers vs X-Men crossover and as everyone began to speculate who would die Professor X would have obviously been a top choice for many but a major event probably not until we all saw “how” he died. Professor X is one of Marvel’s most important and powerful characters but lately his relevance hasn’t been needed as the X-Men has evolved and grown into a solid group with his number one student, original member of the first five, and only leader the X-Men has ever known Cyclops taking over the reigns of the X-Men. Lets take Cyclops and supe him up with god like powers thanks to the Phoenix Force, pit him against the entire Avengers roster, and watch him manhandle them with ease. Now lets throw in Professor Xavier who is not only a father figure to Cyclops but mentor aswell along with having him be the only possible person on earth powerful enough to even stand a chance to stop him. What you have there is the recipe for the ultimate death and wether Cyclops was intentionally playing a villain role or not he is automatically number 1 on everyone’s hit list and instantly a villain in the worlds eyes.

Now let us know who your most memorable villains were!


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