Monday Morning One-Liners [3/18/13]

Batman Year Zero

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the busiest week in comics, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some good stuff a’ happening.

Scott Snyder says that Batman: Year Zero is a “transformative story that would be respectful of what happened in “Year One,”

There’s also video of him talking about it.

Kieron Gillen did a monster interview about his Journey Into Mystery run, Part 1 & Part 2.

A VERY cool longbox idea from Kickstarter to spruce up your comics collection.

Phil Noto draws a mean Muscle Man from The Regular Show.

How Batman Incorporated #8 went down on paper, before going down in the actual comic book.

When asked if Scott Lobdell would be delving into the Omniverse with Superman he said, “Absolutely!

Under Armor now has Superhero styles, from DC and Marvel.

Watch the entire Jim Lee panel from the 2013 Amazing Arizona Comic-Con.

Now that Dark Horse’s Ghost is being upgraded to an ongoing it will relaunched.

Justin Jordan says the New Guardians team is “going to change quite a bit.”

A good look at those WTF covers from DC Comics coming out in April.

Superman newspaper strips from the 40s-60s are gonna get published, by IDW.

A Marvel-themes live stage tour will be touring at some point. At least that’s the plan.

Star Wars #1 is now going to a whopping 4th printing.

A former Marvel head executive is in some trouble over sexting.

There was this one time when a billionaire bought his son’s way into a Superman comic.

A good case for why we need a Sherlock comic series.

Jason Aaron talks Thor, expects to see Thor back in the Marvel U soon “facing a villain that has some ties to the film.



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