Monday Morning One-Liners [3/25/13]

It seems no one knows what is going on over at DC, Neil Gaiman is coming back to Marvel, the Adam West Batman is back, and more wackyness from the last week in the comics world. Never a dull moment.

The DC offices had a busy and weird week:

Neil Gaiman is returning to Marvel, starting with doing some co-writing in Age Of Ultron #10 and in Guardians of the Galaxy #5

A seven-year old girl wrote Cartoon Network for the return of Young Justice and Green Lantern.

Secret Avengers ranked last as everyone’s favorite Avengers title’s right now according to a recent poll.

A judge ruled in favor of DC Comics in the legal Superman saga saying he hoped to “conclude this chapter.”

Brian Azzarello on the New Gods in Wonder Woman says in the next arc that they’ll be “be ramping things up.”

When asked about Multiversity Grant Morrison said, “I’m just wrapping up the last chunk of the script.

And on Wonder Woman that he’s “got pages in from the artist, but other than that I can’t say anything about it.”

The 60’s Adam West Batman is returning to comics via a digital comic book series.

Robert Venditti, taking over Green Lantern, says his run will completely “New alien races and new worlds.

Professor Xavier made Topless Robot’s list of the biggest liars in comics.

Warner Bros. announced a new DC Comics game, Infinite Crisis. Looks pretty cool.

One spiffy and brief Marvel animation by animator BlackMeal (seen above).

Go deep into Grant Morrison’s Superman with

Why we shouldn’t expect to see a Damian Wayne resurrection anytime soon.


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