Monday Morning One-Liners [3/4/13]

Gail Simone on Red Sonja

Just tons of new titles, creative moves, quotes, and rumored projects from the last week – no biggy.

Gail Simone is taking over on Red Sonja, calls it “dream project.

Turns out that Wolverine is gay. With Hercules. In an alternate universe. – ah, love!

Marvel’s Civil War has a novel adaption, which now has an audio adaption.

Stephanie Brown barley beat out Harper Row when fans are asked who should be the next Robin?

DC’s new title Trinity of Sin: Pandora, featuring the mystery woman from the New 52, is “a blistering quest for vengeance” according to writer Ray Fawkes.

Scott Snyder says Batman #19 and #20 are his “ode to Batman: The Animated Series.

Hong Kong Disneyland will have a new Marvel Comics area finished by 2017.

ThreeA Toys is going to make a new line of 1/6 scale Marvel character toys.

X-Files season 10 will be a comic book, from IDW.

Marvel Comics announced Marvel #1. What that actually means is up for debate.

Boom! Studios reveals their new logo.

Mark Waid makes it clear, his relaunch of The Green Hornet is “NOT a superhero book–it’s a CRIME book.

Matt Fraction thinks “continuity is the Devil. tries to make sense of the New 52 timeline, key word being tries (does a good job though).

Vertigo’s 100 Bullets is back. In a limited series sequel, Brother Lono

A thorough look at Marvel’s graphic novel program.

Dark Horse announces a new line of superhero ongoing series.

The shoe company Vans is releasing a Marvel-themed line of shoes, featuring the  90’s Marvel logo.

Marvel is bringing back What If? AWESOME!

Monkeybrain comics are making their way to print.

LGBT comic book characters have come a long, long, way.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the man scientists that would make great superhero sidekicks.

Dan Slott won an AICN @$$IE award for being one of the best super villains of 2012.

Could the rumored Plastic Man project by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone be what we previewed back in 2010?


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