New Avengers #4 Review

New Avengers #4 ReviewTony Stark gives the New Avengers a nice little ace up their sleeve as the walls between universes continue to crumble.

New Avengers #4

While trying to figure out how to duplicate some of Black Swan’s tech, Tony Stark brings Black Panther and Reed Richards something new that might just be able to save the world.  Without anyone knowing, he’s building a Dyson Sphere that can be used to gather and expel power from the Sun in order to repel or destroy invading Earths that cross into their universe.  When one of the incursions takes place, Beast, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, and Black Panther crossover into another universe with an Earth run by Magneto and preparing to be devoured by a familiar planet eater.  This version of Galactus (spelled Galaktus) is feeding on this alternate Earth to save their universe.  When Terrax asks what these heroes plan to do, they answer with force.

“Revealing the more cold and calculating minds of the original Illuminati.”

While similar in many ways to Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers series, New Avengers makes this a little more about home.  Yeah, he’s got all these universes to play with here, but for the most part, this whole series has been about protecting the 616 universe’s Earth.  Unlike Avengers, Hickman isn’t talking about the “machine” or putting a largely cosmic story on the table. Sure, there’s still a broken multiverse out there that may play, in some way, to what’s going on in Avengers, but it’s much more localized.

Early on, pretty much everyone except for the recently expelled Captain America was on board to defend their planet by destroying the intruding Earth.  Seems natural and fair, but Cap was kinda concerned about how they wouldn’t necessarily try to find a way to save both Earths.  It seems the team is constantly changing and playing catch up.  They are now looking to destroy the intruding Earth as kind of a last resort.  They go to take on another version of Galactus when the monster planet eater decides to wipe out his own universe’s Earth to save everything.  Hickman does a great job at revealing the more cold and calculating minds of the original Illuminati, but have them seem to also struggle with what they really should do about the problem.  Logic would seem to dictate that if the loss of a small percentage of people meant the vast majority of other living beings would be able to live on, then that’s the answer.  It’s easy, it’s something you can build a plan around, and it will be done or they will fail.  Now, it seems that instead of concentrating on their plans, they are going to save an alternate universe’s Earth despite what Terrax told them about Galaktus’ plan.  That’s counter what these more logical men should have been looking to do – set their gaze to a plan and home it doesn’t require the doomsday weapon but it’s there in the event it is necessary.

Plus, what’s up with Doctor Strange?  Is he being changed by the Infinity Gem in his possession?  Is he going to be yet another issue that the New Avengers will need to deal with?  My money’s on the answer being “Yes”.


Pros Cons
Subdued compared to Hickman’s Avengers, New Avengers still shows a team being good at what they do, but also struggling with the proper decision. Great art from Steve Epting. Not too much to say negative at all.



  1. TS says:

    Hmm, perhaps I am mistaken but I figured that the glowing thing in Strange’s palm was the implanted tracker notifying him about another incursion. I mean the infinity gems were destroyed from the previous issue. Then again, the Time gem did disappear so maybe it somehow came into Strange’s possession? In any case I am more inclined to believe that the glow was from the tracker and not an infinity gem.

    • Good catch! You are absolutely right. That is the tracker. So Doc Strange acting funny is just him being pretty bad at lying or hiding what he’s doing.

      • Sanctum Sanctorum Comix says:

        No, Doctor Strange isn’t hiding ANYTHING.
        He has found a method of dealing with the incursion by summoning a dark entity to come and swallow up the opposing Earth.

        However, this dark magic will most likely cost him his life, for spells cast from the “Blood Bible” nearly always cause the death of their caster.

        He will not reveal the name or nature of his plan to anyone for it is a MONSTROUS thing indeed – unmentionable – and thus it shall remain.

        HE understands the nature of these magics – and their price.
        He can not afford to let dark mysteries slip his lips to those who do not understand – or even believe – in magic.


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