The Governor Hunts His “Prey” [Review]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 "Prey"

Andrea is on the run, and the Governor is hot on her tail.  Read on for our SPOILER-filled review of the newest episode of The Walking Dead.

Season 3, Episode 14: Prey

In Woodbury, the Governor preps a room where he plans to torture Michonne while his army heads out to the prison.  Milton takes Andrea aside, shows her the Governor’s room, and tells her that the deal is for Michonne and whether Rick hands her over or not, the Governor will kill everyone at the prison.  Milton stops Andrea from her killing the Governor because he believes there is still something of the man he was before everything happened.  When Andrea escapes from Woobury she warns Tyreese and Sasha that the Governor is not what he seems to be and that they need to leave too.  When Tyreese and Sasha tells the Governor of Andrea leaving, he spins a tale about how Andrea was deranged from being left alone all Winter.  Milton tells the Governor that Andrea just wants to be wit her people which causes the Governor to lose his temper with his friend.

While on a run to prepare for the next trip to the prison, Tyreese and Sasha oppose the use of walkers when going after people, essentially casting them out.  When Andrea is runs from Woodbury, the Governor finds her and terrorizes her by trying to run her down with his truck and eventually trapping her in an abandoned factory.  After chasing her through the factory, she’s finally cornered by him, she opens a door that unleashes a couple dozen walkers allowing her to escape.  After a long night of running, Andrea is just about to grab Rick’s attention, but is grabbed and held down by the Governor.  She’s returned to Woodbury and tied down in the Governor’s torture room.

Earlier in the season, in fact just two episodes ago, there was an episode of The Walking Dead that was so intelligently written, it was easily the best episode of the series to date.  While this particular episode may not be quite that good, this is really the very first time that a series about people surviving a zombie apocalypse really dove into the genre of horror.  Most of the time, the series is best described as a mix of drama and suspense.  Even though there’s a walker here and there that will pop up, it serves as more of a reminder of the dangers of the world than anything else.

As the season progressed, the Governor has gone a little crazier and crazier with each passing episode.  Now that he has finally gone all the way off the deep end, he’s not just dangerous, he’s become downright scary.  Nevermind that each line uttered by David Morrissey is full of double meaning and a complete inability to be trusted, but the entire scene of his chasing Laurie Holden’s Andrea is so scary, creepy, and tense, it’s plays out better than any horror movie I’ve seen in the last ten years.  It’s more than just creepy and tense that makes this entire non-stop section of the episode so good.  It’s the scary part.  The horror of this episode is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  The chase through the factory is so well shot and so well played out that I can safely say that I wasn’t sure if Andrea was going to survive.  Not just that, until Andrea released the walkers against the Governor, I wasn’t sure he was going to survive either.  That’s how good this episode is – even when I knew there could be no way the Governor would die before getting that showdown with Rick, I kept running through different possible conclusions of how the season will play out without him.

That’s not all this episode provided either.  There’s a great deal of unrest in Woodbury.  The Governor’s actions and behavior is starting to show and rubbing those who aren’t part of his own army the wrong way.  This opens up all sorts of possibilities of who will ultimately bring the Governor down.  How will Milton’s role in these last couple episodes contribute to the end of the end of the Governor?  How will Andrea get away from the torture room without being raped or killed or both?  What will Tyreese’s role in all this be?

Two more weeks to go, but before next week’s episode, I’m sure I’m going to have some horrific nightmares involving the Governor hunting me down in some abandoned building.

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