Monday Morning One-Liners [4/8/13]

Trinity War DC Comics

DC and Marvel release event information, news from WonderCon, comic controversys, and a [possible] new Robin made this last week another good one for the books of comics.

Our first round of official details for DC Comics’ summer event, Trinity War, from USA Today:

  • The crossover event runs six issues over three different Justice League titles
  • Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark
  • Starts with Justice League #22
  • Geoff Johns says “you’ll see [Shazam] come into conflict with Superman in a very big way.”
  • Jeff Lemire says, “Something really, really major happens that kicks off some pretty crazy stuff”

Zatanna’s new costume was revealed by Geoff John’s on Twitter.

Carmine Infantino, comic book legend, has passed. Tom Spurgeon writes a good article on him as well.

Batman Incorporated is ending with issue #13, not #12 as originally planned.

Phil Hester says his T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents [with IDW] will be “preserving what was cool about the original.”

Dark Horse’s says that “not a single word has been said” about changing the Star Wars licenses to Disney/Marvel.

Marvel’s cosmic event, Infinity, is roughly “18 issues worth of story” according to Jonathan Hickman.

What fully clothed superheroines might look like from artist Michael Lee Lunsford.

Tom Brevoort says that Age of Ultron “is happening within the Marvel Universe and it is happening to our characters now.

64% of fans think Detective Comics should have been renumbered for issue #900.

Marvel’s next motion comic, The Inhumans, gets a trailer.

Rick Remender talks about the “M-Word” controversy in Uncanny Avengers.

The Comcis Journal writes about the controversy and Thanos Rising #1.

Chris Sprouse and Peter Hogan are bringing back Tom Strong to DC Comics [Vertigo] this July.

A court rules against selling “used” digital comics of music and books.

Gail Simone says her book, The Movement, will “touch on some things that are really happening.

Carrie Kelley is on the cover to Batman and Robin Red Robin #19 in her Robin getup.

A new batch of $1 Image Firsts hits in May.

Peter Tomasi says she’s “not exactly the “new Robin” and that “plans for Carrie that play well into the future.”

With Superman Unchained Jim Lee and Scott Snyder are “trying to re-explore these characters and keep them iconic, but do fresh takes.”


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  1. Bob Eager says:

    Thanks for the information on Batman Incorporated. Which Justice League does the crossover end with


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