Monday Morning One-Liners (4/15/13)


Cancellations, civil rights and fights (but no taxes) are all showing up in April 15th’s Monday Morning One-Liners!

Marvel announces that they have cancelled Winter Soldier, but no one will be surprised if they relaunch the title when second Captain Ameria movie debuts.

The currently digital only Watson and Holmes comic will be coming to print this July – for an unusual price.

DC has confirmed that September 2013 will be Villain’s Month.

The newest issue of Saga has been blocked from Apple’s App Store due to “Two postage-stamp-sized images of explicit (but not, by any means, erotic) gay sex.”  So I’m guessing they’re not selling any of Ed Brubaker’s Criminal and it’s images of naked women… nope, here it is.

Marvel has announced that Cyclops will fight Magneto this July – place your bets!

Batgirl #19 introduces the first transgender character in mainstream comics.


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