Monday Morning One-Liners [4/22/13]


New characters, new controversies, and new lines of books are just part of the reason why last week was another good one for the ol’ funny books.

After a fan ask a controversial question DC executives cancels a column at Comic Book Resources.

Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day issue, Infinity, leaked online.

The 2013 Eisner Award nominees have been announced. discusses some of the fallout from the Eisner announcement.

Jim Starlin says “he’s bringing back the best things about the concept.” in his Stormwatch run.

Green Lantern has a new villain coming it’s way, Relic.

Details are out now about Marvel’s new “Epic Collection” of reprinted old comics (think Essential Marvel but better).

Marvel’s new “Epic Collection” of reprints are like Essential Marvel, but better.

A judge rules in the favor of DC Comics (again) for the rights of Superboy.

Amazon’s Kindle store has new comic submission service of its own.

DC Comics is teasing the Joker’s daughter.

Gary Frank assures us that even after he’s done, “DC has plans for Shazam!”

8 things DC Comics has to do if they actually want a Justice League movie.

Power Girl’s boob window is back.



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