The Governor Hunts His “Prey” [Review]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 "Prey"

Andrea is on the run, and the Governor is hot on her tail.  Read on for our SPOILER-filled review of the newest episode of The Walking Dead.

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Monday Morning One-Liners [3/11/13]

700 Free Marvel Comics

Marvel’s giving away 700 free comics, a slew of news from SXSW, 8-bit comics and games from Valiant, new titles announced, and a George Lucas art museum. So yah know, it was a pretty slow week in comicdom.

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Marvel Unlimited App Means Another Big Step For Digital Comics

Marvel Unlimited App

Marvel’s pre-comiXology digital comics service, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, has been redbranded as just Marvel Unlimited; it’s essentially the same service that’s been available since it’s launch in 2007 but is now accessible as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and “soon” for the Android market.

And it’s a pretty big deal.

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Rick and the Governor Meet “Eye” to Eye [Review]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13

Rick and the Governor come face to face in the newest episode of The Walking Dead.  Read on for our SPOILER-filled review!

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New Iron Man 3 Trailer Features Even More Iron [Trailer Breakdown]

A new Iron Man 3 trailer is released, probably the last one until the movies release, with quite a bit of new footage just waiting to be broken down.

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Monday Morning One-Liners [3/4/13]

Gail Simone on Red Sonja

Just tons of new titles, creative moves, quotes, and rumored projects from the last week – no biggy.

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Not So Happy Returns… [Review]

The Walking Dead "Clear"

Morgan returns to break our hearts in the newest episode of The Walking Dead.  Read on for our SPOILER-ridden review!

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Monday Morning One-Liners [2/25/13]


Superman is definitely faster and more powerful than a Kia, but they’re going for it anyway. Plus Batwoman’s engagement, a Starbucks comic, another Batman book and from the comics’ sphere this last week.

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The Walking Dead Unsettles Us with a Quiet Bang

The Walking Dead "I Ain't a Judas"

The war drums are beating…  And The Walking Dead turns up the intensity by underplaying it.

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Top 10 Most Memorable Villains Of 2012

Most Memorable Villains of 2012

With 2012 being a distant memory we sit back and reflect on some of the more notable villains of last year. The rankings were based purely on how much of a “wow” factor they were able to generate when introduced last year and keep in mind many still have story their lines running well into 2013.

Oh, and the spoiler cup runneth over.

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A Tag Team Chat On Nova #1 [Review]

Nova #1 Review

With Nova #1 Marvel’s favorite space police officer is back in his own series, except this isn’t Richard Rider, it’s 15-year old Sam Alexander.

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Monday Morning One-Liners [2/18/13]

Scott Snyder talks Joker, Mark Waid talks the future of comics, and Superman: Red Son may have actually happened. It was anything but a dull week for comic books.

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