"Night of the Owls"

Favorite Comic Book Story Arcs of 2012

Favorites Comic Book Story Arcs of 2012

Our Favorite Comic Book Story Arcs of 2012 can be from an ongoing, limited series, annual, graphic novel, or whatever – if it was a comic book story arc in 2012, it’s fair game.

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Batman #11 Review

Batman #11 Review

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo began their journey together but here we are, nearly a year later, with Batman #11 concluding the Night of the Owls and the first arc to Batman’s second volume.

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Dang Those Numbers Look Good [Comic Book Sales]

May 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

The numbers in the May 2012 comic book sales figures are doing something they don’t usually do, going up. Compared to May 2012 comic sales are up an unprecedented 45%.

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Batman #10 Review

 Batman #10 review

Totally saw that coming. Only that one part though. The other part I did not see coming at all and HOLY CRAP!

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[Thoughts On] New & Canceled Series, #0 Issues, And A Ridiculous Cover From DC’s New 52

Lately DC has been busy announcing changes to their New 52 line which includes a full month of #0 issues, 4 new ongoings, and 4 canceled series. In other words, September is going to be an expensive month…

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Puppets, More Owls, & Friendly Neighboors In Next Batman Arc?

Greg Capullo Hints At Next Batman ArcGreg Capullo dropped the above hint on Twitter as to what’s in store for the Batman arc following Night of the Owls.

I couldn’t help but to read way to much into it and speculate…

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Batman Annual #1 Review

 Batman Annual #1

Batman get it’s first New 52 annual, Mr. Freeze gets rebooted/retconned/updated/fixed/broken, and Owls continue to haunt the post-Flashpoint universe.

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All Star Western #9 Review

All Star Western #9

“The Night of the Owls” might be menacing Batman and his allies in the present day by Jonah Hex got them first!

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Event Season Is In Full Swing With Marvel Leading The Race. So Far. [Comic Book Sales]

April 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

The April 2012 comic book sales figures show a lot; but if you start at the top and work you’re way down one thing is certain, comic fans can complain all they want…events sell.

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Catwoman #9 Review

 Catwoman #9 review

Catwoman joins in the fun of “Night of the Owls.”

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Batman #9 Review

 Batman #9

Bruce deals with the Talons in the cave and begins to [try and] save Gotham City and it’s figure heads in Batman #9. Bruce makes it out alive (that’s not a spoiler) but the Wayne/Pennyworth history takes a big punch.

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Detective Comics #9 Review

Detective Comics #9

With Detective Comics #9 Tony Daniel and the rest of the team joins the Night of the Owls cross-over with an assault on Arkham Asylum. The Talons come for Jeremiah Arkham, but find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew when they’re met with an inmate break-out.

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