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Favorite Independent Comic Books of 2012

  • January 15, 2013 12:34 am
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Favorite Indie Comic Books of 2012

Our Favorite Independent Comic Books of 2012 can be an ongoing, limited series, graphic novel or whatever – if it wasn’t Marvel or DC in 2012, it’s fair game.

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10 Image Comics Books For $10

  • December 23, 2012 4:52 pm
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10 Image Comic Books For 10

Image Comics sells a good chunk of their first volumes of a series for $10, which makes deciding whether or not to commit a cheaper risk, and it’s nice considering the competition from the guys at DC and Marvel. And with the holidays here chances are you might need a last minute gift or have some spending money as the result of a gift, so there’s no better time than now for us to highlight 10 Image comic books you can buy, at retail price, for a cold $10.

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Dang Those Numbers Look Good [Comic Book Sales]

May 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

The numbers in the May 2012 comic book sales figures are doing something they don’t usually do, going up. Compared to May 2012 comic sales are up an unprecedented 45%.

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With Some AvX Help Marvel Is Back On Top [Comic Book Sales]

March 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

As expected, the March 2012 comic book sales figures are Avengers [Vs X-Men] top-heavy. It’s as if Marvel has a lot of Avengers stuff going on this summer. I don’t know.

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Saga #1 Review

Saga #1 review

A forbidden love is challenged in a dystopian space age future.

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Brian K. Vaughan’s Reddit AMA On “Saga” & Everything Else

Saga Reddit AMA

Writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Ex Machina and more) did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with artist Fiona Staples (Northlanders, Mystery Society, and more) on the social news site, Reddit. Reddit’s forum-isk style of posting and commenting allows registered users to submit questions to anyone doing an AMA (someone posts their occupation/what makes them interesting) and people fire away. Although the main subject was their upcoming new ongoing series Saga from Image Comics a lot of topics came up; such as an update on Runaways, the rumored movies to some of his work, his experience in comics, his work on LOST, and tons more.

We’ve gone ahead and given you some of the highlights in anticipation for the release next week. And because Mr. Vaughan is a legend.

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Aquaman Punches Marvel In The Gills [Comic Book Sales]

January 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

Having taken a break from reporting on sales due to real life taking up all my free time (in ironically the most exciting time for comic book sales discussion) the monthly report is back. Also working on an article that will bridge the gap in some of the month’s we missed.

The January 2012 comic book sales figures reveal some very interesting details; while helping to gauge the success of DC’s “New 52″ they also give some insight into the rest of the industry. While Marvel still holds on to the industries best dollar share % looking at the estimated sales of each title stacked up against each other tells a different story.

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