Monday Morning One-Liners (4/29/13)

man-of-steel-trailer-3This just in:  the ‘S’ on Superman’s chest isn’t an ‘S!’  Finally, non-geeks will get to learn the Kryptonian language!  All this and more is waiting for you after the jump at this week’s edition of Monday Morning One-Liners!

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Monday Morning One-Liners [4/22/13]


New characters, new controversies, and new lines of books are just part of the reason why last week was another good one for the ol’ funny books.

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A Super Size Amount Of New Footage From Man Of Steel [Trailer Breakdown]

The newest, and probably finale, Man of Steel trailer is released and along with it lots of new footage and even a possible hint at a certain bald guy.

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Monday Morning One-Liners (4/15/13)


Cancellations, civil rights and fights (but no taxes) are all showing up in April 15th’s Monday Morning One-Liners!

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ABC Family Promos Batman Begins, Pretty Much Misses The Entire Point

ABC Family butchers a promotion for Batman Begins in pretty remarkable fashion.

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Monday Morning One-Liners [4/8/13]

Trinity War DC Comics

DC and Marvel release event information, news from WonderCon, comic controversys, and a [possible] new Robin made this last week another good one for the books of comics.

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Looking Back On Volume 1 Of Morrison’s JLA [Review]

JLA Vol 1 Review

I was seven when this series was coming out, and to call it revelatory would be an understatement.

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Monday Morning One-Liners [4/1/13]

Brian K Vaughan The Private Eye

Another solid week of comic book news, links, announcements, and more like Bruce Timm stepping down, a Planetary Omnibus, Rob Liefeld predictions and more.

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And That’s That…? [Review]

The Walking Dead S3 E16 Welcome to the Tombs

The third season of The Walking Dead comes to an emotional conclusion.  Read on for our SPOILER-filled review…

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Monday Morning One-Liners [3/25/13]

  • March 25, 2013 11:22 am
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It seems no one knows what is going on over at DC, Neil Gaiman is coming back to Marvel, the Adam West Batman is back, and more wackyness from the last week in the comics world. Never a dull moment.

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A Family Affair [Review]

The Walking Dead s3 ep15 This Sorrowful Life

Tonight’s Walking Dead makes it all about family, but gets dominated by one Dixon brother in particular.  Read on for our SPOILER-rich review…

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Monday Morning One-Liners [3/18/13]

  • March 18, 2013 4:30 am
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Batman Year Zero

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the busiest week in comics, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some good stuff a’ happening.

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