All Star Batman and Robin Update: Jim Lee Interview nabbed a quick interview with artist Jim Lee during the San Diego Comic-Con and when asked about All Star Batman and Robin he updated us on some reasons for the delay and some of what we can expect coming up.

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All Star Batman and RobinVery good news! Basically, we’ll be getting some new comics soon and Lee even hints at a new fold out panel (like his fold out with the batcave). He admits the delay is his fault, since being tied up with the DC Universe Online video game, and that Miller’s had the scripts written for awhile. Whether or not you enjoyed the out-of-continuity and over the top story from Frank Miller you have to respect the art Jim Lee and Scott Williams were creating, and to hear it straight from Lee’s mouth, well that just makes my day! And it’s inspiring to hear the story will explore the death of the Grayson’s, being one of the biggest changes from the original¬†origin. No matter what Frank Miller and Jim Lee got up their sleeves I am for one stoked and hope it gets to us sooner rather than later.

As for the DC Universe video game, it better freaking rock because this is one heck of a long time DC has had Jim Lee in their offices without putting his talent on paper.

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