Thunderbolts #161 Review

After being slapped around like little schoolchildren by the Juggernaut, what new threat will the Thunderbolts have to deal with? Today I will be reviewing Thunderbolts #161. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Thunderbolts #161

So let’s talk about the book. After kicking the crap out of his former teammates, the Juggernaut leaps away. Everyone manages to survive somehow. However, another threat is on its way. A nuclear warhead is flying towards them, but veers into the lake at the last minute. From out of the warhead, a small army of alien looking creatures emerge and prepare to destroy the city. The already weakened Thunderbolts arrive to stop them. Meanwhile, back on the Raft, Satana uses her magic to transport the B-Team to the A-Team’s location so that they will be able to help. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Now this is NOT a Fear Itself tie-in. What the hell? What’s the point of teasing us with an incredible fight last issue just to completely forget about it this issue. I wanted to see more Juggernaut destruction. I wanted the B-Team to show up and get their ass kicked too. I wanted some sort of last stand. Maybe even a casualty on the Thunderbolt’s side. Something other than one long absolutely nothing happening set-up issue. I am glad that Zemo’s back. I was expecting him a bot sooner since Sin double crossed him in the Fear Itself Prelude and Zemo was the leader of the Thunderbolts when the comic first came out. It only makes logical sense. Still, logic is sometimes lost on the Marvel Universe writers. At least Satana was here to show off her powers and hotness. There was some plot movement and we did get a little bit of Brady Bunch humor. I am, however, getting sick of the entire Fear Itself tie in thing. I’m also not too happy with the focus going back to Mach V, Fixer, and Songbird. I want the villains running the show. That’s what made the book fresh. I really hope it gets back to that soon. The art was incredible once again. Really detailed backgrounds and nice line work. That splash with the creatures emerging from the lake was really cool. Really nice cover as well. Here’s to hoping for a massive action packed next issue. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
some plot movement. awesome art. no action. last issue’s battle was over too quick and not continued this issue.


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