Thunderbolts #162 Review

Battles, backstabs and betrayals. Today I will be reviewing Thunderbolts #162. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Thunderbolts #162

So let’s talk about the book. The battle kicks into high gear as the underpowered A-Team faces off against an alien invasion. At first, they are able to stem the tide. Then, through the sheer force of their numbers, the alien force begins to overwhelm the heroes. Suddenly, the B-Team arrives in the Thunderbolts Tower. The sides start to even up as the B-Team enters the fray. Still, the overwhelming numbers of the aliens is too much. Centurius decides that this is a perfect time to run away and disables the B-Team’s nanites, and fleeing the scene in Thunderbolts Tower. As this is occurring, Man Thing enters the fray and starts to absorb the aliens into himself, growing to skyscraper size. According to Satana, this is his natural progression to his new form. As a new form hatches from the old, the old body begins to burn, setting the city around him on fire. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Now this is NOT a Fear Itself tie-in. But who cares? The issue was freaking awesome anyway. Non stop action from page to page. It was also really cool to see EVERYONE get in on the action. No Thunderbolt was ignored. Especially Man-Thing. I’m loving his growth and really hope he starts talking in his new form. Speaking of the moss monster, the splash image on the last page was incredible. In fact, every Man Thing pic was awesome. He really dominates the page. The rest of the issue’s art was really good too. Lots of details and plenty of things to look at and draw per page. Back to the story. This issue was incredibly fast paced but definitely had its shock moments. The B-Team’s betrayal, which we all knew was coming, really surprised me. I didn’t think they would actually leave their teammates to die. Then I remembered that these guys are actually villains and its about damn time some of them acted like villains. A brilliant piece of character writing. I really loved the battle as well. We got to see the B-Team cut loose and decimate their enemies with no remorse and extreme prejudice. Exactly like they should. Perfect character storytelling. This issue totally made up for the piece of crap we were served up last issue. I can’t wait to see where the team goes next. I’m guessing either Moonstone won’t defect with the B-Team or the A-Team will go hunting for the B-Team resulting in some nice battles. Either way, it looks like a great road ahead for this title. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
great plot movement. awesome art. lots of action.


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