Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye #1 Review

Hawkeye is in Southeast Asia dealing with a problem that could spell doom for him and S.H.I.E.L.D. in this companion to the new Ultimates series!

Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye #1

While S.H.I.E.L.D. handles other hotspots across the globe, Clint Barton has been dispatched to Southeast Asia to deal with an uprising.  After checking in with Nick Fury, Clint is tasked with assisting the Southeast Asian Republic government with peacekeeping efforts.  However, before he can deploy his group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, their helicarrier is attacked by a man in costume possessing massive powers.  Along with him two more powered up rebels arrive.  We then flash back to a month ago.  Two scientists have come up with a serum that not only can spread a virus negating mutant powers and destroying the gene in humans, but when directly injected into a human subject, gives them outstanding abilities.  After Hawkeye gets rid of the attackers of the helicarrier, Nick Fury gives him one big mission – get that serum.

This is a fine start for the first Ultimate supporting character to really take on a series.  Sure, Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Iron Man have been seen in miniseries and one shots, but this marks a first for the secondary members of the team.  Since he is the architect in charge of the new Ultimates team book, Jonathan Hickman is given the job to add to that same story that we saw glimpses of in the first issue of The Ultimates.  This one seems much more in the espionage style than the bigger, more verbose, team book.  It looks as though Hawkeye will have a lot on his hands as he tries to track down and stop the bad guys from putting a hurt on the mutant population.

Rafa Sandoval is the artist on the book and I have to say that I believe I liked his art a little more than Hickman’s story.  He brings a style that is definitely needed for a big time action story.  But it is that very idea that proves to be an issue for me.  I liked this book, and I hope to get a lot of thrills out of the four issues that comprise the story, but I do worry that my overall enjoyment of the series will be hampered by Hawkeye himself.

In the Ultimate Marvel version of Hawkeye, this is a guy who isn’t entirely okay.  I mean the guy had to watch his family get murdered by someone he trusted and worked closely with.  That’s a pretty harsh situation for the marksman.  He’s not quite the same Hawkeye that we see in the regular Marvel U.  I’m not saying he should be, but while the regular Hawkeye can carry his own stories, can this version as well?  Will his struggle be to get the job done or will it be not to kill every single bad guy in his way so he can get a cathartic revenge for Black Widow killing his family?

I really do like this character, but I will have to really hold judgment until the next three issues are released.  I hope that a guy who makes for a great supporting character in The Ultimates doesn’t turn out to be a two-dimensional character in the long run.


Pros Cons
Nice start to an interesting story. Great art. How will this supporting character handle the starring role? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Tom Parry says:

    So Hawkeye went from being a Green Arrow wannabe with a reversed blue color combo to a solid full on Arsenal wannabe? AWESOME!!! (Judging purely by the photo, not interested in the book so not gona read the whole review, sorry.)


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