Superman Goes Oldschool In Action Comics #1 [Preview]

From Yahoo! and Newsarama is our first Action Comics #1 preview. And although a tough gonna-make-you-crap-your-pants Sups may seem a bit Batman-ish we see just how “to the roots” this Superman really is.

** This page was not included in the preview, it is previously released art that obviously goes here as a splash page **

And for comparison’s sake, these pages from the original 1938 Action Comics #1:

Grant Morrison doesn’t miss a beat.

Action Comics #1 comes out September 7, 2011, is written by Grant Morrison with art by Rags Morales and Rick Bryant and was one of 10 titles picked in our Where To Start Reading: The DC Comics Relaunch.

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  1. acomicbooklook says:

    Cool post, I’m super excited for the new Action. Morrison is the man, and Superman hasn’t been good since All Star Superman, and Morrison wrote that.

  2. Labeeb says:

    Nice post. The comic seems cool. I haven’t read much of superman other than a few graphic novels but I think I would start reading this. It’s time they change him a little bit from too goody goody to a little anti-heroish.


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