Darkwing Duck #16 Review

The Purple Powerhouse battles his foe Suff-Rage for his life and his friend Launchpad in the Mayorial Election.

Darkwing Duck #16 Review

Darkwing’s run for mayor, and fight with Suff-Rage, conclude in this month’s issue. DW and his rival candidates, Launchpad and Constance, are being held by Suff-Rage, tied to stakes, and at the mercy of a crowd under her hypnotic control. As is often the case, Goslyn and Honker save the day, or at least part of it.

Ironically, Suff-Rage’s secret lair proves to be on the same bridge as Darkwing’s (was that ever given a name?) and the kids manage to sneak in. They call DW on his cell to tell him what they’ve found, and then get captured. The sounds of Goslyn in danger gives DW the motivation to free himself, and he and Launchpad ride to the rescue after noting that Constance has vanished.

The Suff-Rage that was at the rally turns out to have been a hologram, while the real one is back where the kids found her. While Darkwing distracts her, and gets to face some of his biggest fears, Launchpad saves the kids, and everyone manages to defeat Suff-Rage, who proves to be… Constance. Launchpad wins, but then gets booted from office as the city falls apart literally five minutes after he’s elected.

In various set ups for the future, Magica DeSpell and the mysterious Bob, who has been manipulating things behind the scenes, gloat over the strange substance that apparently gave not just Constance, but One-Shot and Cat-Tankerous their motivations/powers/inspirations. The last page has Scrooge McDuck, very displeased about Launchpad’s performance, vowing to go to St. Canard to straighten things up, meaning there’s about to be a Duck Tales/Darkwing crossover.

What I liked and what I didn’t:

As ever, Darkwing is goofy fun where the heroes win. I was concerned that Suff-Rage was going to be an evil Morgana, and I’m pleased I was wrong. I’m not wild about a lot of crossovers, but this could be amusing.

My only real reservation is, with Darkwing, it’s hard to walk the line between goofy hero and outright buffoon, and this got a little close for my tastes. And, since Suff-Rage isn’t Morgana, we still don’t know what became of her. I’m also getting really unclear on what this strange stuff is that keeps making villains and where it came from. But overall, still great fun.


Pros Cons
None crossover upcoming, the strange stuff that makes villains

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