Morning Glories #12 Review

A new story arc begins now. Today I will be reviewing Morning Glories #12. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Morning Glories #12

So let’s talk about the book. Lara Hodge has returned to the Academy. Lara is not only extremely popular with the students, but is also a guidance counselor. Not to mention Miss Daramount’s sister and the daughter of the Academy’s headmaster. She also has some strange ability to see everyone’s past and future in her files, which appear blank to anyone else who looks at them. After seeing the dead students who were killed by the being in the first story arc, she demands to take control of the new kids. She immediately meets up with five of the six Glories and gives them aid and advice. All but Ike. The last person she talks to is Casey. She tries to connect with her but Casey lashes out and smacks her. She is about to leave when Ms. Hodge tells her that she can bring back her parents who were killed in issue #1. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. I liked this issue but I did have some problems with it. Once again we have a new mystery being dropped on our heads with no explanation or clarification of any of the old mysteries. This book seems to keep doing that. The plot is a little confusing as it is with all of the secret agendas that everyone has and all of the secrets the school has. However, instead of dealing and eliminating past hanging plot threads, Nick Spencer seems to completely ignore them. It seems that every single issue so far has ended with a shocking moment, but the subsequent issue completely ignores that moment and creates a new shocker. Another issue I’m having with this book are the characters. There is no focus. I have no idea who the main character is. Is this a team book or is the story about one character with the rest of the Glories as supporting cast. The story is interesting and I want to keep reading to see what happens but its extremely frustrating not knowing. It’s the same as reading a book with twenty chapters and skipping every third chapter. You’re not getting a complete story and it doesn’t have a smooth flow. Some people can deal with that. I personally find it confusing. In any case, this issue was still pretty cool. I like Ms. Hodge. I like that I can’t fully trust her yet but I want her to be a good guy. I like her ability. I did enjoy the reveal that the school is actually underground and separated from the rest of the world. I love how she instantly connected with the Glories. Overall, a great addition to the already quirky cast of misfits in this title. The art was the usual. Clean and simple with no confusing images. The facial expressions were pretty good this issue as well. Let’s hope this clean art trend continues. Also, let’s hope that by the end of this arc, at least some of the hanging plot threads are addressed and resolved. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
Cool story. Nice art. more mysteries are being added while none of the hanging plot threads are being addressed

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