The Boys #59 Review

The first casualties in the eventual final battle between the Seven and The Boys happen right here. Today I will be reviewing The Boys #59. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

The Boys #59

So let’s talk about the book. Homelander verifies that Butcher is not lying and orders Jack and the rest of the Seven to withdraw. Both he and Butcher know now is not the time for the final battle. Jack vows to get revenge and storms off in a huff. Butcher and the Boys go out for a nice dinner. While at dinner, Hughie has a meltdown and confronts Butcher about his double talk and manipulative ways. Butcher acknowledges the remarks and diffuses the situation. When they return to headquarters, the find Butcher’s dog dead. Butcher, with murder in his eyes, leaves as the rest of the team mourns. Meanwhile, Butcher heads to where he knows Jack is, manages to get the drop on him, and proceeds to disembowel him. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. While I didn’t get the first round of the massive battle we’ve all been waiting for, at least this issue concluded the storyline in a very satisfying manner. I definitely enjoyed this issue more than the last bunch of issues. I’m glad that Hughie is finally getting a more confident voice. This entire series is sort of about his transformation from a simple peaceful boy, to a confident angry man. He’s been maturing story arc after story arc. Now, with this display of balls, he’s finally taking the last step to becoming his own man. I loved MM’s expression when Hughie almost said something stupid to Butcher. That was some nice art. The art in general was its usual great stuff. Nothing too outrageous or ugly. Just simple good consistent clean images. I was sad that Butcher’s dog Terror had to die. I’ve always loved that dog and any panels he was in were always funny and cute to look at. I was extremely surprised as to the revelation of who actually released the Jack from Jupiter footage. I definitely did not see that coming and it reminded me that I have completely forgot one major player in this entire Boys/Seven war. I’m sad to hear that this series will be ending in about a year. It was really fun to read, especially in the beginning. The past three story arcs have been a little weak but I’m hoping that Garth ends it with a bang. I want that Seven/Boys war to finally happen. If it doesn’t, then I would consider that an epic fail by Garth Ennis. What’s funny is that in the end, I think Hughie will be the last one standing. Also, I feel he might turn into Butcher when all this is over. Just a prediction. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
great plot movement. finally some resolution. good art. great spark to a bonfire that should be quite memorable

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  1. akash says:

    why did you kill my dog, jack? why did you kill my dog?


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