Darkwing Duck # 18 Review


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Darkwing and company team up to beat the bad guys and rescue an old friend.

Darkwing Duck #18

The four part “Dangerous Currency” story that has bounced back and forth between Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck concludes in Darkwing Duck 18. That’s not all that concludes, but more on that in a bit. Essentially, the story has several villains teaming up, including Magica DeSpell, NegaDuck, the Phantom Blot, the Beagle Boys, and a few others. Magica has found some strange substance that changes people into monsters, and uses it to both amp up some of Darkwing’s rogues gallery and attack both St. Canard and Duckburg. The heroes rally together to beat them, including Darkwing, Launchpad, Scrooge and the Nephews, Goslyn, Webby, the real Gizmo-Duck, and a guest shot by Donald Duck.

With various bizarre explanations and twists, NegaDuck returns to “reality” after being disintegrated several issues ago, as a result of Darkwing’s choice. Darkwing was warned NegaDuck would return if Darkwing rescued his missing for far too long love interest, Morgana. Darkwing got her back anyway, and then beat the combined villains with, as the song goes, a little help from his friends. At the end, Scrooge and Darkwing have even made a sort of peace with each other.

Unfortunately, this was, in fact, the end. Disney has pulled their rights from Kaboom! Studios, so Duck Tales, Darkwing, and all the others are ending this month. It’s speculated that these titles will come back as some kind of Marvel imprint, as Disney owns Marvel, but there is no definitive news on this front that I have been able to find.

So…. farewell Darkwing. I’ll miss you. I counted on this book for some good goofy fun, which, especially in the era of “Dark Avengers” and the “DCNU,” is harder and harder to find. IF the title comes back, and IF they keep the same tone, I’ll resume my reviews on it.


Pros Cons
heroes win, Morgana comes back! last issue and felt a bit rushed in places

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