The Huntress #2 Review

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The Huntress keeps kicking butt in Italy on her version of a European vacationd!

The Huntress #2

I’m finding something very amusing about the Huntress miniseries. In the DCNU, they seem to favor extreme violence, death, and sex. Here’s a series about a woman who’s best known for being “harder” than most of the other Bat-family, it’s written well, and yet she manages to both keep her clothes on and not kill anyone. Interesting contrast.

In the second issue, Huntress is on the trail of the men who are both running arms to Gotham and trafficking in young women from the Middle East and northern Africa. After comparing notes with her reporter friends on Moretti, who seems to be the power behind this string of crimes, Helena goes to the docks and frees another “shipment” of women from their captors. Later, she finds Moretti’s home, and keeps an eye on him. When he leaves on his yacht, rather than try and fight her way through an army of bodyguards for no real purpose, she gets a tracker on his boat so she can find him later. Smart girl, Helena.

This is a story about an actual superhero, emphasis on the hero. No one dies. There’s no random sex scene to try and thrill fanboys. The only property damage is deliberate and done to the bad guy’s merchandise. This is a great story about a strong, smart woman who is doing what’s right. Interestingly, while she was often the “black sheep’ of both the Bat-family and the Birds of Prey, she’s acting more like a hero here than most of the post-reboot DCNU, especially her former team.

Paul Levitz has been writing comics for a long time, and he created the first version of Huntress way back when. He writes her fantastically here, and shows you can write a good story without resorting to the stunts that seem to be almost requirements for the DCNU. I wish more of the writers would follow his example.


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actual HEROICS and intelligence I’d like to see her back in Gotham and interacting with the other ‘heroes’ to show them how it’s done

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