The Boys #61 Review

The endgame draws nearer. Today I will be reviewing The Boys #61. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

The Boys #61

So let’s talk about the book. Wee Hughie is having performance issues with Annie/Starlite because he is having dreams about the evil things he has done. Meanwhile, Vought executive hires another team of heroes as personal body guards for himself and Ms. Bradley. Back at the Seven’s headquarters, A-Train and the Deep decide that now would be a good time to quit the team. Butcher sees this on the spy cams that Maeve planted. While this happens, Vought executive and Ms. Bradley have dinner together and discuss what plans are in place for the Homelander’s “removal” and the future of heroes. Back at the Boys’ base, MM returns and apologizes for running out. He then does some work and finds a way to get to Black Noir. Before anything can happen, the door is busted down by Paralactic, the group Homelander hired to go on a mission for him. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. The end is getting closer. That is how the plot is making me feel. Everyone is finally starting to put their cards on the table. Vought executive has set his future plans out and is finally revealing his secrets. (Hopefully we can see them too) Hughie finally gets the balls to stand up to Butcher and lay down some ground rules. He might even become his own man, instead of a scared follower, by the time this series is over. The members of the Seven are running for the hills. Everything is moving towards an endgame. Garth clearly has a plan and he intends on following it through to the end. I just pray that its a violent end, because this issue was once again completely action free. I like build up as much as the next guy, but all tease with no reward just gives me a bad case of blue balls. I need to finish eventually. I’m praying with the last page splash from this issue that next issue will finally have some action and carnage. Maybe even give Hughie a wake up call that no matter how much he wants to be non violent, other people won’t let him. I liked the new team introduced this issue and the jab at DC comics that they represent. (Not sure if it is at Legion or Teen Titans, but it was definitely a jab) I love Muzzeltov. (Zatanna, eat your heart out) He was freaking hilarious. It’s those little bits of comedy that makes this book so much fun to read. I wish Garth would do more of that instead of all of wasting all of those pages on Hughie wining. The art was great once again. The people looked fantastic and the sexual imagery was pretty cool. Simple, yet effective. I really enjoyed the panels between Ms. Bradley and Vought executive. Those expressions of embarrassment, shyness, and enjoyment were so clear and really nice to see. It adds a level of relate-able humanity to the characters. Great writing. What was missing this issue was the Homelander. Why didn’t he get a page or two of face time to move his plans along? I was hoping we could catch a panel or two of him dealing with Maeve and her treachery. Something would have been nice. Oh well, hopefully next issue. Also, hopefully we’ll get some action. Another issue of blue balls could be detrimental to my health. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
good plot progression. great art no action

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  1. muckymucks says:

    I agree with your review for the most part. I think issue 60 was a better issue than 61 mostly because it drew out the plot really well. I agree with you about MM’s subplot being pretty pointless and the only detriment to an otherwise excellent issue; I say that only because the rest of the issue was so plot-focused.

    Issue 61 was good too but it suffered due to Wee Hughie’s whining. Ennis dedicated a lot of pages to his concerns and even gave him a mini-series to work his stuff out. Why waste two more pages when the end is so near? Enough whining of my own, though, what was great? The new team, Ms. Bradley and Mr. Vought American’s scene was a nice little treat of romantic chemistry, and that tease to bring Black Noir down. I wait to see how that plays out. The art is beautiful of course and that cover is just an attention grabber. Wow. I hope next issue we see some fighting like we did near the beginning when The Boys fought Teenage Kix.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the comment mucky. I’m glad we agree. Let’s pray for more action and less whining next issue.

  2. Roland Blok says:

    Good review. My sentiments exactly about Hughie and the whining. I think to keep Hughie an interesting character, things need to change. Something needs to happen that makes him want to fight. He ‘s doing to much whining right now. I mean what about his revenge on A- Train?
    Butcher al least has things planned, i think he wants to use Black Noir to take Homelander out. Which i think he could, if you remember that in a confrontation between the Boys and the Seven, Homelander and Blacknoir were the most likely to survive. And despite how hilarious the two newly introduced superteams were, what’s their use really? I wish things would move along more, it’s only nine issues more.


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