The Boys #62 Review

The shit hits the fan on every level imaginable. Today I will be reviewing The Boys #62. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

The Boys #62

So let’s talk about the book. The Paralctic thought they could take on the Boys. They were WRONG. After being ripped to shreds, one of them is questioned and he reveals that they were sent by Vought to kill the Boys. Then the person self destructs. Meanwhile, Director Rayner, the one who funds the Boys, visits the White House where she is told that all of her current and future activities will be monitored by the White House. She tells Butcher the situation and Butcher tells her of the attack. Some files are sent by Rayner that reveal some secrets about all of the world’s heroes. Butcher decides to retaliate against Vought by sending The Frenchman and The Female to Vought Executive’s office. When they break in, they notice that they are surrounded by Vought executive’s new team of superhero bodyguards. Homelander orders his plan to commence, then throws up when he realizes what he’s done. Also, Hughie reveals to the team that Black Noir molested him during Herogasm. Butcher responds by taking Hughie to the roof and giving him one final test to break him from his whining funk. A beat up, chained up A-Train. Now Hughie has to choose what to do. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Wow did this issue have a lot of stuff going on in it. It seems that almost every plot thread that was hanging from the start of this title till now was addressed. I’m so happy that Hughie finally will get a face to face with A-Train. The man ruined his life and caused him to join the Boys in the first place. Has Hughie found inner peace, or is there a demon inside of him just waiting to burst free? That is one question I really want answered. He’s been a whiny bitch for long enough. Time to decide if the past whatever years of your life was worth anything, or was he just passing the time. I also had a feeling that Black Noir did something weird to Hughie, but I was picturing something more carnal. I don’t know why he was embarrassed to tell Butcher earlier. After all of the shit that he’s seen and done, a little enema action shouldn’t be something that Butcher would talk about. Especially not after seeing Hughie with a blood beard from that time with Starlight. Now what does bother me is that with only 8 issues left, we’re really dragging our feet as to what the Homelander’s plan is and what everyone’s endgame is. There’s been enough anticipation and build up. Time to get to it finally. Start the war. Bring out the soldiers and start decimating them. I better see a Butcher/Homelander showdown before this series ends or I’m gonna be very disappointed. This is what we’ve been building up to for over 5 years. At least this issue had action in it. A return to blood and violence that was sorely missing from the past few issues. I also like that Butcher is slowly picking the Seven apart one at a time. (I have this nagging feeling that he might kill Starlight soon) Keep the plot moving along, and maybe speed up the pacing, and this series should finish with a bang. The scattered humor throughout the book was a welcome return as well. The art this issue was it’s usual perfection. That cover was freaking hilarious. I can’t wait to see next issue. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
good plot progression. lots of plot threads finally being picked up and finished. great art still lots of mysteries left to address with little time to do it in

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  1. JerseyCHUD says:

    Black Noir’s assault of Hughie at Herogasm has always seemed inexplicable, as in what’s the point of it from a storytelling standpoint? This issue, it all came (no pun intended) together for me with the various hints and Hughie rehashing the story. I think I understand Black Noir much better now. What do you think of the theory that Black Noir actually died after being dropped on the mission to rescue the hijacked aircraft? I believe he died and was brought back with the VA resurrection process used on Blarney Cock, Lamplighter, etc. If you think about it, the bringing back the intact mind of the subject has always been a problem which would explain why Black Noir acts so strangely, makes noises, cannot talk much, etc. Any thoughts?

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the comment Jersey. I definitely think your theory has some validity. However, I don’t thing Garth really delves that deep with his characters. I just think Black Noir is one sick bastard. He was willing to bang Maeve behind her back and it sickened her to no end when she found out. He’s just freaking insane, is how I see it. But your theory would definitely explain why he lost control of his jet. I personally thought he blasted everyone on purpose because he’s a nut job but that’s just me.

      • JerseyCHUD says:

        Yes, Black Noir is sick but also seems brain damaged. When Maeve found out she had been tricked, she called Black Noir a “zombie” if I recall correctly. (Remember that nobody knows how Black Noir could have survived the fall.) Also, MM said Black Noir was a pilot for 30 yrs, yet he can’t fly a plane now. Further, his assault of Hughie was strange in that he called him “Good Soldier” which is a reference to Robin from Dark Knight. This makes no sense until you see issue #61 in which all the “sidekicks” are gathered together. I admit this is a stretch, but “Jimmy the One” looks a lot like an overweight Hughie. Considering the executive mentions the whole “temptation” factor with the senior partners and their sidekicks, and Jimmy is called a “TOGGAF” by Muzzeltov, I think a brain damaged Noir had a flashback and mistook Hughie for his old sidekick and lover, Jimmy. If Jimmy is shown not to be Noir’s sidekick then my theory is blown (again, no pun intended.)

        • Victor Kutsenok says:

          LOL. I guess you got it figured out better than me. I just want to see him in the action for once. He was viewed as extremely dangerous and able to survive the Boys/Seven confrontation so I just want to see what he can do.


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