Uncanny X-Force #20 Review

The trial of Fantomex begins. Today I will be reviewing Uncanny X-Force #20. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Uncanny X-Force #20

So let’s talk about the book. Psylocke wakes up in Otherword. A war is going on that threatens to destroy it. Captain Britain is there and he explains the situation to his sister. The then go to meet Jaime Braddock, their brother. They try to convince Psylocke to join them in saving the Omniverse. Meanwhile, AOA Nightcrawler is training in the danger room and learning dome of this world’s threats when they are interrupted by Ultimaton who informs them that Fantomex and Psylocke have been kidnapped. Meanwhile, on Otherworld, Fantomex is put on trial for the murder of the child Apocalypse. He is not allowed to give a proper defense and is sentenced to death. The other X-Force members, using Gateway, teleport to Otherworld and emerge in the middle of a battle. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Before I get to the story, let’s touch on the art. That cover was fantastic. Full of action and emotion. A great splash image to wet your appetite for the interiors to come. Unfortunately, once you get to those interiors, you basically lose your desire to eat and just want to hurl whatever you’ve eaten earlier. Come on people. After the stunning art of the Dark Angel Saga and the Age of Apocalypse, this crud is supposed to even come close? There is absolutely no definition to anything. Everything looks out of focus. There is no real distinction between characters as they all pretty much look the same. The expressions are fake and over-exaggerated. The lines all seem to overlap each other. A complete and utter mess. As for the story, that’s a big nothing too. The plot is confusing and extremely weak. Not sure what the hell is going on. (Could be because the art is so off putting) The whole Nightcrawler/Deadpool tough guy routine was just sad and felt forced. Deadpool in general was just misused once again. The trial was a complete farce and made no sense at all. Neither did Fantomex’ reaction or overall attitude. The battle scene at the end of the book felt completely out of place and was just visually confusing. I wish I had something good at all to say about this book but it really failed on all levels. And after the incredible Dark Angel arc, that’s really upsetting. I hope we get a more streamlined story next issue and a new artist as this opening issue was just horrible. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
no grammatical mistakes. awesome cover. I really have nothing else. Sorry. confusing as hell pious chatter. weak plot. incredibly terrible art.

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  1. Doctor Deadpool says:

    I just get the feeling Remender wishes he could get rid of Deadpool.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      I agree Doc. Remender just doesn’t get the character or doesn’t want to get the character. He’s keeping him to appease the fans. I feel that if he was allowed to shoot him in the head at the beginning of every issue and revive him on the last page, he would be a happy man.


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