Wolverine and the X-Men #4 Review

Two new students, sort of, come to the school. Today I will be reviewing Wolverine and the X-Men #4. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Wolverine and the X-Men #4

So let’s talk about the book. Coinciding with the epilogue to the awesome Dark Angel Saga from Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine’s school gets two new students. Genesis, the genetically engineered clone of Apocalypse, and Angel, who is really Warren Worthington without any memories. Let the integration begin. Genesis is in a classroom where Deathlock is the guest speaker and he tells the students about their possible future. When he gets to Genesis, he doesn’t reveal to him that he could eventually turn into Apocalypse and kill everyone. Meanwhile, Angel, who is really on the same mental level as a child, causes a disturbance in the neighborhood and Iceman takes him back to the school and enrolls him as a student. Also, Kitty starts to feel nauseous and runs to the bathroom. Within seconds, she comes to find that she is pregnant with a huge belly. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Chris Bachalo is GONE!!!! Everybody do the Happy Dance!!!! (Bachalo’s gone, happy dance. Happy happy happy dance. Shake your booty, happy dance. Art is finally good, happy dance) Sorry about that. I haven’t been this happy about an artist leaving a book in a long time. Nick Bradshaw is the man. He is skyscrapers above Bachalo in talent and legible art. The characters look individual again and are easily recognizable. Backgrounds are cleaner and nothing is blended together. There are actual angles and straight lines. If you look carefully at each panel, sometimes you will be rewarded with some humorous background antic. For example, Quentin burning his textbook was pretty hilarious. The Apocalypse splash was stunning. For me, this changing of the artistic guard has catapulted this title to the top of the food chain. Other than the art though, Jason Aaron’s writing is incredible. It is really getting into the whole teen, school aspect of the book which was completely missing for a while. As a long time fan, I have always been used to them going on missions and fighting bad guys. What really set the book apart was the personal interactions between the team members, especially in a school setting. Let’s not forget that the original X-Men were just children and their school life and social awkwardness was what made us relate to them in the first place. Aaron has a great handle on these guys and is really starting to give them individual identities. Quentin and Broo are by far the funniest of the entire group. The most dangerous too, I suppose, but their humor is priceless. The humor in general for this book was really well done and it helped to move the story along. I love Deathlock’s lesson and the future teaser was a nice touch as well. While there was no action, the book’s focus on human interaction was enough to keep me riveted from beginning to end. The one little issue I had with this book was the lack of mention of Sabretooth. He was the big surprise of last issue so who is there absolutely no mention of him at all this issue? At least a single panel cameo. That would have been nice. Also showing the Hellfire Club kids, planning their next move for a page, would have been nice too. Without side bars like that, the overall plot doesn’t get the chance to move along and it feels like something is missing. Still, other than that one minor thing, this book was great. I can’t wait to see what’s next. (I know one thing that won’t be next and that is Chris Bachalo drawing the title. Because he’s GONE!! Hahahahaha. All is right with the world once more.) That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
good writing. nice social dynamic. good use of humor. nice art, FINALLY. limited action

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  1. River unto Rock says:

    I am EQUALLY happy to see Bachalo gone from this book. So long as he is not drawing issues, I can enjoy like this one. However, I must confess, not seeing this Hellfire Club actually felt… right, as I cannot buy these kids being threats the this Gold Team roster.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the comment River. I appreciate the Bachalo co-hatred. As for the Hellfire Kids, I actually disagree. The reason that they pose a credible threat is that they are young and hungry. They might not have the power, but they do have the technology. Humans will always be the biggest threat to mutant existence. These are the next generation of human haters and they are the perfect enemy for the next generation of mutant students. They took out the extinction team during Schism for god’s sake. That makes them more dangerous that anyone we’ve seen in a long time.

  2. Josh says:

    Come on no bachalo love? :( I’m afraid to admit liking him in fear of being driven off the site :L though I must admit for this sort of issue I preferred brenshaws art, it was beautiful except for the fact that wolverine looked about 16 (though wolverine teaching English lit had made me love him as it’s my favourite subject)
    Great review (except for the lack of bachalo love though each to their own? definitely prefering this to uncanny, coming from the standpoint of a completely fresh reading it’s a lot more accessible and I love the new characters.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the comment Josh. I also love this series more than Uncanny since it does focus on new characters and villains and is a nice book for new fans to jump on and enjoy. It really has a school mentality to it which was something that made the x-men books of the past great. It is also much more humorous than I expected which is always a plus. As for Bachalo, there is really only one other artist who I hate more than him so unfortunately, no love for Bachalo. (For anyone who does like his “art”, please enjoy. Art is subjective and we all have our personal preferences.) As long as you and new fans keep on reading and picking up the title, I’ll be satisfied with whoever draws it.

      • Josh says:

        I take it it’s JRJR? now that’s something we can agree on, ruined those early avengers issues for me :( oh and Ramos though I don’t like to diss their art because they work really hard and I could never draw like that.
        I also don’t mind who draws series as long as they’re good to read.

  3. Pirkaf says:

    Bachalo is awesome you moron.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Well, it’s a super intelligent well researched and backed up argument like that which causes me to pity the children of today. If you plan on throwing a temper tantrum and hurling insults at an opinion, go sit in a corner. Next time, maybe back up your opinion with something other than mindless insults. Have a wonderful day.


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