Star Trek #6 Review

  • February 29, 2012
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Star Trek #6
The newest issue of Star Trek brings “Operation: Annihilate!” to a close.  Click “More” to read my review!

Star Trek #6

Kirk and his away team have returned from Deneva with a couple surprises.  First, Spock is in a coma with one of the single celled organisms responsible for planet wide dementia wrapped around his head.  Second, James Kirk’s brother, George, is aboard.  George explains that he’s trying to find a way back into his home where his wife and child are trapped to get them to safety.  He pleads with the Captain to return to the planet with him, but Jim turns him down in the interest to not get anymore officers in harm’s way until they can learn how to defeat the beings.  When Spock is freed from the alien organism, he and Bones discover a way to finally release the control they have over the humans they capture.  Spock tests out the hypothesis of bathing in direct UV light and is completely freed from the mental persuasion of the organisms.  George has escaped back to Deneva and Jim goes after him to find George’s wife and kid captured by the organisms.  Scotty devises a way to bathe the entire planet in UV rays freeing the entire population.  George and Jim say their goodbyes and Kirk departs with something unexpected – a feeling of reconnection to his family on the outer edges of the galaxy.

This issue, like the others of the series so far, succeeds by doing something that hasn’t really been seen in a long time in comics, and proves to be one of the things I like the most about these old retellings of the classic series…  It is telling a story precisely and without going into long arcs of four to six issues to get a story completed.  These aren’t quite quick hits like a one-and-done type of thing, but if you look at these first issues, they nicely pull together a few threads that should propel the series into future stories.  In fact, the next story is original.  They aren’t going back to the original series to tell the next story.  They let the most recent movie and Spock’s own actions in this series lay the groundwork for it.

Whether it is Spock’s own decision making (like being the one to tell Kirk that a crew member is growing more and more dangerous, or risking his life to save those in a shuttle, or subjecting himself to test a theory leaving him temporarily blind), or seeing Kirk become a strong captain of the Enterprise, this series is growing and maturing these characters nicely.  IDW seems to have the right idea for the series by going back to mine stories that can be updated or adapted to fit the new direction of the franchise in order to set the stage for some original stories sprinkled into the run.  It’s really turned out to be something that’s worked out far better than I even hoped to.  It’s not going to move mountains in the comic industry, but it’s going to be entertaining enough for fans of either the old Trek or the new fans that came about from the most recent reboot to enjoy.

Sometimes you don’t need that overly complex story to entertain the readers.  The themes can be just as good wrapped up in an actiony, exciting sci-fi story.  In a lot of ways, that’s how Star Trek has entertained audiences for the better part of the last 45 years.


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Fun and solidly drawn. This Star Trek series moves quickly and doesn’t dilly dally with story or try to decompress anything. It hits the ground running and mirrors the reboot movie’s pacing nicely. Not an earth mover, but when you want something fun to read, you can do a hell of a lot worse than IDW’s Star Trek.

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