Uncanny X-Force #21 Review


The war on Otherworld continues, as Fantomex faces death. Today I will be reviewing Uncanny X-Force #21. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Uncanny X-Force #21

So let’s talk about the book. As the battle on Otherworld continues, Fantomex is injected with a magical poison that slowly starts to erase him from reality. Psylocke, who has donned a Captain Britain costume, manages to free him before the poison kills him. She then battles her way out of the castle and takes him to see a powerful creature in Otherword who might be able to save him. She is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes and the creature accepts. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Nightcrawler battle the leader of the invading army, known as the Goat. Using magic, the Goat manages to incapacitate Wolverine but Nightcrawler, using his teleportation powers, manages to save everyone. They escape barely and head to a nearby town where they are greeted by Meggan and a pack of resistance fighters. Their town is overlooked by a castle that harbors the full forces of the Goat. That, and a mystery man who has a grudge against Fantomex and Psylocke. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. What can I say? If I was blind, and someone read this issue to me, I would probably enjoy it a lot more than actually reading it with my eyes open. If someone who understands the art, and can differentiate what exactly is being drawn, would explain it to me, I would probably enjoy the issue more. Since neither of those options were available, I was forced to endure another 21 pages of hideous, completely confusing and blurry art. The people looked horrible. The pages were filled with ugly, overlapping images. Nothing at all stood out. The last page reveal is still confusing the hell out of me since I have no idea who the figure is supposed to be. Overall, a complete and utter fail on art. As for the story, I’m not really impressed there either. I personally don’t care about Otherworld. I don’t want to read a story about it. I don’t want it as the focus of Uncanny X-Force. For new fans, this first time exposure to this madness would make them want to stop collecting. The plot moves itself painfully along but really is a blur in the mind of the reader as is the art. The whole Fantomex randomly blurting out stupid things got old the second time he did it. Deadpool with no head was just dumb. It’s been done before and failed then too. The one standout character has to be AOA Nightcrawler. He’s definitely a great add to the team. He’s sarcastic, like Deadpool is supposed to be. He’s violent and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, like Deadpool is supposed to be. He has no problem gloating and rubbing salt on the wound of both friend and enemy, like Deadpool usually does. (Are you getting the picture here, fans?) Finally, we have Deadpool on the team and his name is Nightcrawler. If only Remender could write the actual Deadpool character in this manner, I wouldn’t hate him being in this book so much. For now, I’m just going to pretend Nightcrawler is Deadpool and that will increase my enjoyment of this book to new levels. Also, once this artist is gone and the story gets back to something I care about, I’ll enjoy this title more. Until then, I will suffer through this ugly crap until the end. Hopefully that will come soon. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
awesome cover. some plot progression (hopefully to a quick conclusion) no real plot. incredibly terrible art.

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  1. TheLambOfDeth says:

    Yeah…I had to force myself to read this issue. The art is horrible, and this book needs a better artist. I couldn’t even tell what the hell was going on. It sucks that besty will go back to the asian body, but whatever. And I actually like otherworld…when I can actually see it not drawn like crap. Nice to see Wolverine not be the focal point for a while, though.

    And I’m officially convinced Remender hates Deadpool. He writes him as a inept joke again, then writes AOA Nightcrawlers EXACTLY as Deadpool should be written, and i’m pretty sure he knows. Why can’t he (or Way for that matter) write Pool like a legitimate sarcastic killing machine that isn’t just comedy relief? Why does everyone insist that he be a neutered PC joke, that always resides in the background?

    I’ll just be glad when this arc is over. Nice review BTW, I actually enjoyed it more than the damn issue.

  2. Doctor Deadpool says:

    I had so much hope for Remender’s Deadpool- in some ways, I still do.

    No one is asking for Deadpool to be the center of the book, but I think it’s fair to ask that he not be out-Deadpool’d.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the comments guys. I’m just convinced that Remender hates Deadpool. Maybe he’s jealous of all of the fans that Deadpool has. Maybe he has such a fixation on Fantomex that he doesn’t want Deadpool hogging any of his spotlight. (Because let’s face it, every story arc so far since issue #1 has had Fantomex be a major influence aor have a big part in it) It’s not like he can’t write the character. His Nightcrawler is the perfect Deadpool clone. Oh well. I’m just resigned to ignore all Deadpool appearances as just a voiceless nobody (when he even shows up, that is) and focus my new Deadpool love on Nightcrawler, the Uncanny X-Force version of Deadpool.

  3. MikeMcNutt says:

    Agreed… If the Remender should have left Deadpool alone. Although I enjoyed Nightcrawler but only because he was written the way Deadpool should have been.

  4. MikeMcNutt says:

    Didnt expect to be so confused by the art work; at time’s I couldnt tell where one character ended and another began… everything was blurred together


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