Deadpool #52 Review

The mind games and tactical maneuvers continue as Wade seeks his own death. Today I will be reviewing Deadpool #52. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Deadpool #52

So let’s talk about the book. Everything is moving along according to Deadpool’s plans. He is slowly antagonizing anyone and everyone who might have the serum and trying to get them to use it on him. Tombstone and Kingpin meet to compare notes and Kingpin realizes they are both getting played. Meanwhile Wade and X-Force prepare a frontal assault on Fisk’s tower thanks to Bob, who is captured inside the building. As the team attacks, Wade tries to sabotage them at every turn so that the Kingpin can escape, and get mad enough to get the formula and use it. They converge on the roof of the Tower where Wade faces off against X-Force over the Kingpin. A battle erupts and Kingpin manages to escape. As Wolverine debates whether or not to go after him, he is shot in the neck by a dart by his son Daken from a nearby roof. Wade is about to go after him when he is stabbed in the chest with a vial of formula by Hydra Bob. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. I can’t really decide if I like or don’t like this book. It had it’s good and bad qualities. What I hate, in general, is the way this story is just moving along at such a ridiculously slow pace. There are too many players involved and its becoming a convoluted mess. Once again, the humor is at a minimum as is the internal dialogues. I like that as long as the action, sarcasm and violence are not toned down. Unfortunately, that is the case here. With so many guest starts and appearances, the main character is actually getting lost in the background. We really need to wrap up this story arc, get everyone who is not part of the book gone, and start some sort of new chapter in Wade’s life. We all know he’s not going to die. He’s way too damn lucrative for Marvel to make him go away. We need him to go back to the mercenary business. That was always a fun read. I liked him going on missions and caused havoc and mayhem along the way. The problem with Deadpool is that eventually, unless you do something completely drastic to him, you are stuck telling the same story over and over again as he is just very one-dimensional. Its his off the job activities that always made him hilarious. His relationship to Weasel and Blind Al made him human and hilarious. His love of Syrin and chasing after her and trying to woo her, yet ultimately getting rejected, made him emotionally relateable to the reader. His getting beaten by other mercenaries and how he handled it allowed the reader to see his pain. None of that is in this series. So far we’ve seen a lot of selfishness and holier than thou attitude. A lot of attempts at being funny and trying to be like Spider-Man in battle but just coming across as dumb. At least we had a lot of action and explosions to cover up the bad stories but even that is missing now. At least the art is still incredible. No complaints there at all. I hope the stories improve soon. I really love this character as want him around for a while. He has such incredible potential. Someone needs to help him achieve it. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
good action. awesome art this story is starting to drag

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  1. Doctor Deadpool says:

    I think whether this book is a success will depend on the conclusion. If he had chosen a shorter route, then there would have been downsides to that, too.


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