Justice League #6 Review. By A 13-Year-Old.

Justice League #6

My reviews of Justice League have suffered lately, mostly due to the fuss I’ve been making about the book feeling like it’s written intentionally for a much younger and new-to-comics audience. If this is the case I commend DC for targeting this much-needed demographic with their biggest title; however, due to this fact it’s quickly losing my own interest (maybe I’m turning into one of those “old man” comic fans). Either way it didn’t seem fair to review Justice League #6 if a) I wasn’t already enjoying it and b) it potentially wasn’t even targeted towards me.

So I decided to ‘put my money where my mouth was.’

I gave my 13-year-old friend Shane Longino all my issues, then provided him with Justice League #6. I asked him if he’d like to help me review this issue [and the whole series really] and Shane, who’s never read comics before, agreed to help me out. Outside of a brief discussion on what I was giving him we didn’t get into a lot of details until now.

So, from the new-to-comcis 13-year-old-reader (THE potential audience for this book)…

Justice League #6

So Shane, have you ever read comics before this?


Did you have any experience with comics before now?

Nope. Not really.

Alright, so what did you think of Justice League #6?

I thought it was the best one out of the six. I kinda liked how they brought Darkseid into the fights and how they finally acknowledged how their a group now. And I liked the extra characters and how they keep doing the “to be continued…”

What did you think of the art?

I think the art was really good. I like how they draw some of the characters, like Darkseid and Superman, and the fights.

What about the story?

Um, the story I didn’t like too much to be honest. It’s a little bit predictable which personally I don’t like cause when you can predict something you don’t really need to read ahead, and I didn’t like how they talk. So yeah, I didn’t like that too much.

If you had to pick between story and art, which one would be your favorite?

The art. Definitely.

What was your favorite part?

When they acknowledged that they are a group now, when they’re talking to the president.

What was your least favorite part?

When they go to meet the president and all that.

So when they went and met up with the President that’s your least favorite part but when they finally acknowledged themselves as a group you liked that part?

Yeah. Because, they could have done that without the president. On their own.

Did you read the epilogue? The part with the purple hooded girl?


What did you think of it?

I thought it was an interesting way to get you excited about the seventh one. Cause her last quote was, like “You won’t want me to be back but the Justice League will.” She seems likes one of those characters that is villainous but is trying to be a hero. That should be interesting to read in the seventh one and how that’s going to continue with her.

Did you see her before? Cause she actually appears in the first issue, she’s in the background of one scene.

No. I didn’t. And I’ve re-read it, I didn’t see anything that stood out about her. So they have a background story about here huh? So maybe the last page of this was like a prequel to her.

What did you think of the series as a whole? See, what happens in comics is they are going to take the first couple of issues and combine them into one book, some people call it a graphic novel. So you basically just read Justice League Vol. 1. What did you think?

Um overall, 3. 3.5 out of 5. You know, nothing that really jumped out to me about it because Ive heard about Justice League before and so I knew some of the characters that would come in. I think the biggest twist was Pandora coming in.

What was your favorite part if the whole series?

The back story on Cyborg. It kinda gives you a look at what he was before what happened to him and how it did. You never really knew too much about that; like how he was going to be a star football player and then all that [happened]. I thought that was pretty cool how they showed that.

What was your least favorite part of all six issues?

The fighting. Like the fight with Superman and Darkseid you know, “Oh, Superman is hurt. But oh wow, now he just got back [up] and he’s fighting again.” Seemed so predicable. Didn’t seem to interesting. Didn’t really catch my attention too much. So the fights.

Do you think this would make you want to buy more comics?

I see what they’re trying to do, like with the last two pages making you want to know what’s going to happen next. And I don’t buy many comics, this was the first six comics I’ve ever read. So probably not, cause I’m not too big of a comic book guy but I could see why a comic book guy would buy the seventh issue to see whats going to happen next.

You don’t think you would buy Justice League #7 though?


Do you think you’d spend your own money if the comics were better than this?

I don’t know. Like I said, this is my first six. Maybe if I read another six that were better. Still probably not.

Doesn’t really appeal to you?


Ok. But you did think parts of it were cool right?

Yeah, but I can pick out more parts that I didn’t like than parts that were good.

Ok. Like what? Which parts weren’t very good?

Mmm…a couple of the back stories. Like Flash, how they showed his character, who I didn’t like too much. And some of the way they talk to each other, doesn’t seem to realistic. But then again, it is a comic book. And also, some of the fighting.

So you didn’t really like the Flash. What about him did you not like?

Like [how] it showed him in I believe in issue three. And they begin to show how Flash, “Oh my gosh, look what’s happening, we should do something” and like it seemed like a little cheesy. Yeah. I didn’t like that too much.

Ok. So who was your favorite character in the whole thing? In all six issues?

Oh, Green Lantern.

Really? What did you like about him?

The way that he treats himself and the others around him, that he doesn’t really want to be part of a group but now he kinda realizes that if we don’t were not going to be able to control the bad guys. Just the way that he handles himself with the group and how he uses his powers in the fighting and with the other guys like Batman. At the end of the day he does whats best for the group.

What about the other characters? What about Aquaman and Wonder Woman?

Aquaman would probably be my second least favorite if I had to rank them. And Wonder Woman is yah know, a good character for the comic.

So if you liked Green Lantern the most, do you think that you would buy more Green Lantern comics? Would you want to try those?

Yeah, probably.

Maybe we can hook you up with some Green Lantern comics.

Oh that would be cool.

Ok so Shane, with our scoring system we give a brief thought to “Pros” for the issue, “Cons” for the issue, and then grade it 1 out of 100% (100% being the highest). What were some pros and cons for this issue and how would you grade it?


A BIG special thanks to my pal Shane Longino for letting me pick his brain and sharing with the site. He’s a stud.


Pros Cons
Pandora; get’s you interested in what’s going to happen next. And them acknowledging that they have to be a group. The fighting. Seemed kinda predictable.

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  1. Jake says:

    Nice take. Characters need to be realistic and relateable for this kind of target audience. Character development is the story for younger viewers. Older audiences its more the overall story (same with hardcore fans). For casual and younger readers, you are following a character. That individual is why you watch, as opposed to “oh let me see what will happen next”. It basic psychology really.

    Moreover, it that is interesting is that DC should try more Justice League type of comics. Ones with crossovers and multiple characters. Then choose the best and make a spinoff. Much in the same way they are doing with Powergirl and The Huntress. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cyborg got his own. Although his tie in with Teen Titans is heavy.

  2. Rommel Reyes says:

    i bought the first 2 issues because of Jim Lee but found out that the art was not as appealing compared to his xmen and wildcats issues, probably age is catching up on jim lee, scott williams continues to be a very good inker. the story is as bland as paper, Grant Morrisson did a better take on the storytelling. johns is overrated.

  3. LiHeiBao says:

    Great review and great idea!

  4. jamie says:

    this was a great idea for a post! Now that the arc is over, I let my LCS know they don’t have to pull JL for me anymore. I found it slow moving and uninteresting.

    I see your point about the fight scenes. It really seemed as though Wonder Woman stabbing Darkseid in the eye was going to go somewhere, but no, it didn’t seem to bother him.
    You liked Green Lantern best, huh? Over the 6 issues, I got tired of his complaining – he seemed to be insinuating that he didn’t need help when he clearly did… I dont know… just didn’t do it for me. I found Cyborg’s reluctance annoying and I have no idea why Batman removed his cape and cowl when he went to Darkseid’s world… yeah, not great writing.


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