Saga #1 Review

Saga #1 review

A forbidden love is challenged in a dystopian space age future.

Saga #1

Brian K. Vaughan has been away from comics for far to long. His work on Ex Machina thrilled me month after month for 50 plus issues of content. Y the Last Man did the same thing although I wasn’t thrilled by the ending. I experienced a similar feeling when finishing off Preacher by Garth Ennis years back, but I enjoyed the journey of both of those titles for so long that it didn’t matter all that much. I can’t imagine coming up with a satisfying ending for every fan out there is even possible, especially when writing a book that is so consistently enjoyable. Saga is a book that no matter how it ends, I want to be there for the journey, and the longer that is, the better.

This first chapter of Saga was a blast. Being thrown into another Sci Fi world can be disorienting, especially if not gradually introduced to the names and places properly, but Saga handles this with Aplomb. This is the world we live in, this is our situation and here are the obstacles facing our immediate future. Reading this first chapter doesn’t make you scratch you’re head and try to figure who’s who, or what’s what, you just get pulled into Marko and Alana’s life and watch the spectacle unfold. The setup for grand adventure to come is handled perfectly in this first issue and really has me yearning for next month.

This is matched with some stellar art by Fiona Staples. Looking at the cover of this issue makes me wish Fiona would paint everything! Her interior art is good, the composition is solid and the color choices are great, but what I wouldn’t give for a Tommy Lee Edwards or Ariel Olivetti style paint job on her interior art. Obviously that amount of work into each isn’t practical considering she draws and colors the book as well as does the covers, but I would pay 6 bucks every 2 months for a 22 page painted version of Saga if it meant this new landscape was painstakingly rendered, although I doubt many others would. At any rate it’s a great looking book and a fantastic read. This first issue is only $2.99 but has 44 pages. Something can be said about that in a world of $2.99 and $3.99 commercial comics that only contain 20 pages, something along the lines of, “our comic is better than their’s and we will give you a double sized issue at regular cost to prove it.” Even though it may only be the first issue that has this page count, it is a great chunk of story that is sure to get you hooked. And the following issues will still be 22 color pages for $2.99 courtesy a company that isn’t small, but also isn’t Marvel or DC. Go buy this book immediately and grab Vol. 1 of Y the Last man and Ex Machina while you’re at it.


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