The Boys #65 Review

The Boys #65

Butcher and Homelander finally face off in a last battle and someone doesn’t walk away. SPOILERS AHEAD!! Today I will be reviewing The Boys #65. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
The Boys #65

So let’s talk about the book. First a brief recap of issue #64 which was just too dull to review. The cat is out of the bag and Homelander is pissed. All of the crap the Boys had on the Seven and all the supes are released to the press. Homelander goes to Vought’s office but does not kill Vought Executive AKA James Stillwell when he fails to respond to Homelander’s threats. Instead he flies off to the White House. Meanwhile, Butcher and Hughie arrive at the White house as well. Butcher gets a sitrep and heads off to confront the Homelander just as Mother’s Milk contacts Hughie with some startling revelations. Onto this issue. Butcher confronts the Homelander, who has just killed the President, and is about to attack when he is interrupted by Black Noir. Meanwhile, MM reveals to Hughie who Black Noir really is. He is a clone of the Homelander whose sole purpose was to kill the Homelander if he ever got out of line. Butcher finds this out as well as Black Noir takes off his mask and reveals the Homelander’s face. He then tells Butcher that he committed all of those crimes in an attempt to drive the Homelander to insanity. Homelander becomes enraged and attacks Black Noir just as the air force begins raining death on all of the supes flying over the White House and attacking the Pentagon. Butcher manages to escape during the carnage and is waiting for anyone to exit the White house. What exits is a mangled and bloody Black Noir holding the Homelanders torso. Butcher and the marines unleash a hail of gunfire that drops Black Noir. Then Butcher comes to him, rips out his brain and crushes it. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Finally, all of our questions have been answered. Over five years of story has culminated in this great issue. I was not surprised by the revelation of who Black Noir really was, mainly due to a fan suggesting it to one of my earlier reviews. I took his suggestion pretty much as fact and that made this issue’s reveal a bit less awesome. Still, I would have been completely surprised. I would have jumped out of my seat and screamed out “Holy Shit!”. Instead, I just shook my head and congratulated the fan who had already figured it all out. So I wasn’t too happy that I didn’t get to see the battle with Homelander and Black Noir. I also wasn’t happy that Butcher really didn’t get full satisfaction. He did manage to land the final blow that completed his quest for vengeance. But now that his mission is over, what will he do next? It’s obvious he has another goal and from his parting words, it won’t be pretty. My guess is the complete elimination of all remaining supes on the planet. (Not that there are too many left after the government killing spree) Also, what will Vought American do now that they have no puppet in the White House to control or an army of supes to enforce their will. There really shouldn’t be much else to discuss in this title. Since it will be ending in six issues, Garth will probably not start any new threads and just tie up any loose issues from earlier. Maybe Hughie can finally leave the Boys and settle down with Starlight. Maybe the Female and the Frenchman will do the same. No matter what happens, the real threat to the Boys is gone and I am a little sad for it. I was really hoping for a big knockout battle issue but that didn’t happen. We’ll just have to see where this series goes from here. Wherever it is, I’m positive it will have the same great consistent art that has always been a staple of this title. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
great plot progression and culmination of multiple story arcs. great art no real battle was shown between anyone

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  1. andy says:

    Eh, the big reveal of Black Noir was pretty tense but it came off anti-climatic. So what if he was really behind everything…it was still a Supe and one of the Seven. On the other hand, it definitely works if you accept this story as madcap schlock.

    Since many of the big reveals in this series have been predictable, it could be that Butcher’s last big crime isn’t going to be killing all the remaining Supes, but… killing the Boys. After 65 issues of massacring supes left and right, why would Becky hate what comes next most of all, unless it’s Butcher turning against his own team? (Still need to read the Butcher mini to see if that idea has some merit).

    Also, note how Jess Bradley’s simulation was completely off. What impact if any will that have?

    • JerseyCHUD says:

      Andy, if my miniseries-memory is accurate, Becky disapproved of Butcher’s drinking, his need to settle scores, and wife-abuse. I tend to agree that Butcher’s plan does not include extermination of all the remaining supes, which would eventually have to include The Boys themselves because they are all technically supes now due to their use of Compound V, even if only for defensive purposes.

      I expect Butcher’s next step is to shut down Vought-American permanently, as they have the technology and the will to create more supes. In the past, Director Rayner has not supported Butcher going that far. What I think Becky would disapprove of is Butcher settling the score with Vought by blackmailing his woman (Rayner) with the tape of her confessing to mass murder (Issue #51) to force her to support his move against Vought. Yes, I think Becky would frown upon that most of all!

  2. jan says:

    What stroke me the most is that none of HL crimes would happen if BN was not his clone (photos taken by BN triggered HL madness). Vought could not think of altering his face?

  3. JerseyCHUD says:

    In addition to Jan’s comment about Vought not altering HL’s face, there are multiple holes in the “clone” plot. One wonders why Vought, who knew Black Noir and Homelander looked identical, never suspected BN as the assailant in the “eaten family” pics. With HL’s X-ray vision, would he really never have noticed BN was his clone? (I guess it was BN that A-Train saw in the fetal position wearing HL’s uniform in issue 44?) Also how could Maeve possibly intimidate BN to back down against Starlight when BN is more powerful than Homelander? Further, with BN as the strongest supe, why didn’t Vought take the same precautions (nuke, special assasin) as with HL?

    Despite these holes, the actual way the plot unfolded was more plausible than the same scenario in most other comic books. Typically, as in the recent Superman (issue 6) comic, a newly created clone will always try to completely take over the original’s identity and/or fight the hero shortly after being created. For a clone to hide its identity while slowly causing the hero to doubt his own sanity for years seems much more insidious and effective.

    On a different note, with the only two remaining members of The Seven being Starlight and The Deep, I wonder what’s going to happen to the concept of The Seven and their floating platform in the sky.

  4. Blarney says:

    His last words in about what he was going to do would be even worse than what he has done thus far.

    I don’t think the Butcher will abide the existence remainder of The Boys. They’re technically supes, too. Loose ends chock full of compound V.


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