All Star Western #10 Review

All Star Western #10

Tallulah Black is in Gotham, and it’s sure to turn Jonah Hex’s world upside down.  Read on for our review of All Star Western #10!

All Star Western #10

Tallulah Black is tossed out the window of Wayne Casino by the mysterious bodyguard of Lucius Bennett.  Arkham treats her wounds.  Hex heads out to talk to Alan Wayne about what happened to Tallulah.  Meanwhile, the Court of Owls realize they are coming into direct war with the followers of the Crime Bible.  They decide that they are too undermanned with just one Talon to take them on, so they decide that perhaps someone like Jonah Hex, if convinced he’s doing things in the name of justice, would be very useful to them in their little war.  When Tallulah awakes, she finds Arkham’s choice of coverings girly and infuriating.  After a change and some breakfast, Arkham has a hard time taking his eyes off her.  He finds himself ensnared by her duel nature of both beauty and beast.  When Jonah comes home, the two scarred off and on lovers retreat upstairs for the rest of the day.  When Arkham is called to talk to a raving mad inmate who claims to be chased by a woman in an owl costume, Arkham leaves the inmate alone with his guard for only a matter of seconds before finding them brutally murdered…

This might be the absolute most entertaining, and funny, issue of All Star Western to date.  Arkham’s reaction to Tallulah is so brilliantly written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, I was actually laughing out loud at times.  His complete nervousness around her makes him both scared shitless of her and undeniably attracted to her.  It’s such a great use of these two characters.  Also, how often Tallulah switches from insane to childlike to almost girly with cuteness and back again is such a great summation of her character in general.  She’s the total definition of damaged goods and avoids all the trappings of typically crazy women.  The greatest moment?  It’s when Tallulah turns on and off her charm while holding a knife to Arkham’s face to have Jonah come in laughing at the situation.  How often have we ever seen Jonah laugh?  Rarely and it’s as unnerving as Arkham details.

This is an issue in which Moritat shines on art.  His depiction of Tallulah is everything Arkham says.  She’s drawn beautifully even though she’s a “monster”.  His shot of her in bed recuperating from her injuries in the white gown is stunning while completely surprising.  She’s a complete contradiction from one panel to the next and Moritat captures it so damn well.  His Court of Owls is creepy as hell with his style fitting them so well in a darkened location with those blank white faces.  He does nothing but continue to fit this book so well.

In the backup, we meet Bat Lash for the first time in the New 52.  This story is just a one parter, but sets up his personality for a future appearance in Jonah’s side of the series.  In this story, Bat details how lucky he is to be as handsome as he is.  He cavorts with women – often sleeping with more than one at a time, and sometimes those girls are twin sisters.  He’s a particularly skilled gambler with a silver tongue.  However, things may have run afoul for him when he returns to town to find one of the twin sisters he partied with nine months earlier pregnant.  His explanation of how he cannot be the father is written well by Gray and Palmiotti and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’ art is spectacular.  Bat Lash might be a dandy, but he’s a damn fun character to read.


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Tallulah Black is portrayed and drawn in ways that, like Arkham, you can’t take your eyes off her and it isn’t because of her scars. The issue has a comedic value to it that make it one of the most entertaining of the series to date. None.

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