Star Trek The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #2 Review

  • June 27, 2012
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Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #2

The Doctor makes his way to the bridge of the Enterprise where they find a brutal assault on a colony by two unstoppable foes in Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #2!  Read on for our review…

Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #2

Riker, Data, and Worf beam down to Naia VII to visit a mining facility on an ocean world.  While taking their tour, water pressure collapses the facility and kills or injure 30 Starfleet engineers.  After beaming back aboard the Enterprise, Geordi asks Captain Picard why these engineers were stretched so thin to produce ore so quickly to ignore safety protocols.  The reason given is with the Battle of Wolf-359 destroying so much of the fleet, the Federation is taking risks it normally wouldn’t to build new ships for the inevitable next invasion by the Borg.  After things calm down a bit, Riker, Dr. Crusher, and Data go to the Holodeck to test out a new Dixon Hill program for Picard.  There, they meet the Doctor, Rory, and Amy.  The time travelers meet with Picard to express their friendly intentions and the Doctor suddenly finds himself knowing that Worf is a Klingon even though he has no idea what a Klingon really is.  An alert comes in and the Enterprise goes to Delta IV to find a massive invasion fleet of Borg and Cybermen!

This series is just plain working.  What I particularly liked about this issue is that it fills in what the TNG people were doing while the Doctor, Amy, and Rory had their adventures in issue #1.  It tips the scales back to give both franchises equal time.  By the end of the issue, the Doctor and his companions are on the Enterprise and interacting with the Star Trek characters.  Now they will share the time side by side instead of needing to jump back and forth to share.

I also liked how the beginning of the story felt more like a Star Trek series.  They visit a place that is doing something.  Something happens.  They find out more about why that thing is happening and it all sets it up for the bigger threat.  It has that TNG flow to the story.  In the first couple pages, there’s a great scene with Data and Geordi about enhancing one’s self to be “better”.  Seems to fit right in with the Borg and Cybermen who are each obsessed with upgrading or assimilating beings for the sake of betterment.

Along with a story that captures the feel of the two franchises nicely, I really like the art by J.K. Woodward.  It’s photo-realistic and with its soft painted colors, it almost looks like you’re watching this on a crappy, old TV.  Don’t take that as a negative at all.  That’s how I used to watch Star Trek and Doctor Who.  I almost feel like that’s how those shows should be watched.  In the case of this series, that art gives the frames a sense of movement.  Seeing facial expressions or character body language how they are presented here gives each frame a flow.  There were some images that I almost felt were in motion.

Two issues in and I’m loving this series.  It truly is a geek dream come true!


Pros Cons
Love the more TNG pacing of this second issue. Love that we see what each side was doing prior to meeting with one another. Great art that almost makes feel like I’m watching this as a kid on a NON HD TV! Not too much to say negatively about this. Just great execution in these first two books.


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