All Star Western #11 Review

All Star Western #11 Review

Jonah Hex!  Tallulah Black!  The Court of Owls!  The Crime Bible!  All this and the introduction to the New 52 Dr. Thirteen in All Star Western #11!

All Star Western #11

Amadeus Arkham returns home to tell Jonah and Tallulah about the deaths of at the hand of a “Talon” at the end of last issue, but they’ve already headed out to kill Lucius Bennet, a follower of the Crime Bible, and an enemy of the Court of Owls.  When the duo raids Bennet’s carriage, they come face to face with the Talon that Arkham had planned on telling them about.  When the Talon hangs Bennet, the Court of Owls successfully pin the murder on Hex and Tallulah.  The police, at least corrupted ones on the take with the followers of the Crime Bible, arrest Hex, Black, and Arkham and turn them over to Lords of the Crime Bible.  However, before the torture and imminent death of the trio can start, Tallulah escapes and plans to take some revenge on the Lords.  In the backup story, a “ghost” is raiding roads leading into Gotham City.  The locals call on paranormal investigator Dr. Thirteen to find out what this creature is and stop it!

The last issue from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray was full of comedic relief after nine issues of grit.  While those first nine issues did take advantage of the Hex and Arkham team for some lighthearted humor, the last issue really cranked that up with Tallulah Black added to the mix.  This issue returns to that grittier stuff even though there are still some moments of comic relief, we’re taken back to the darker side of Gotham and the rampant corruption all around Hex.

But that’s not a bad thing at all.  In fact, this series has excelled at telling stories around a rugged bounty hunter finding even worse devils in Gotham than he sees out in the wild west.  Even though the Court of Owls story is complete in the Batman books, the treacherous group is finding a home here in All Star Western and it’s only adding to the Crime Bible people that Hex has been after since the very beginning of the series.  Between the characters, the situations, and the setting of the series, it’s making for really great mix and a very enjoyable book to read each month.

In “The Haunted Highwayman”, Palmiotti and Gray are joined by Scott Kolins for a re-imagining of Dr. Thirteen.  This is a drastic change from the classic character who always existed in present day DC.  Moving him to the All Star Western era is a pretty cool idea.  It allows for more of a paranormal slant in the western genre and with Dr. Thirteen a Steampunk character seems to fit nicely.  It’s very cool to see this type of story featured in the genre.  Plus, Scott Kolins is always an artist I like seeing stuff from.


Pros Cons
Grit returns to the main Hex story with some nice intrigue between the Court of Owls and the Crime Bible. Cool re-imagining of Dr. Thirteen as a Steampunk paranormal investigator. Great art in both stories from Moritat and Kolins. Not too much at all to say negatively.

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