Green Arrow #12 Review

Green Arrow #12 Review

This month, Ollie takes to the streets of China, but do we still care?

Green Arrow #12

Jumping in where we left off, Ollie fights with Fang, and while the fight ends abruptly and without climax, its interesting to see how this new character may somehow be set up as a new “pain in the ass” for Ollie, complete with his own costume, though we are left assuming that he knows nothing of Green Arrow. Away from this fight, we again get some character moments, and from the car, to the street, and to the prison, we actually get some really good Ollie character utilization here.

Writer Ann Nocenti showed us last month that she could actually write for the character, and this month she thankfully continues that trend. In fact, there is no Green Arrow this whole issue. Well, thats not entirely true, he does suit up on the very last page, but still. It was quite refreshing to see an issue that, while still including plenty of action, was able to carry itself through without the truly amped up, balls to the wall, superhero action angle that has been making so much of the New 52 seem lifeless.

On art, however, we still have Harvey Tolibao, but something happened this issue. Either I’m getting used to the way he draws our hero, or he didn’t seem to be quite as feminine this issue. Regardless of which is the case, I’m glad, because this is the first issue he’s done that I’ve been able to read from beginning to end without being taken out, looking at his artwork, and thinking about how much I don’t like his work. Of course, this could also be chocked up to Nocenti’s writing. Perhaps the writing is finally getting good enough that you can over look the bad artwork. Either way, I’m still left happy that the artwork didn’t pull me out this issue.

All in all, I found myself enjoying this issue quite a bit, and I’m just so glad that someone is managing to write Green Arrow the way he should be written. Here’s hoping Nocenti can keep up the good work. Of course, we’re going to have to wait two months to see if she can, since next month we will finally be getting the New 52’s origin of Green Arrow, and Nocenti will be sitting that one out, as once Arrow authority Judd Winick takes a swing at this new version of a character he once commanded for years.


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Good writing distracts from the sub-par artwork. Its still sitting in that sub-par artwork.

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  1. Jack says:

    I think this is a great issue. I find myself very intrigued at this version of Ollie where I felt that he has got so much potential to improve as a character. I find he hero’s journey the appeal of the book. I suspect that Ann is trying to set up a universe of her own by creating a whole new bunch of new villains, perhaps 12 issues in a row and then start mixing them up, bringing back some of the villains she created or reinventing new heroes.
    I saw the solicits for issue 13 and I must say I am very excited about Hawkman wanted and how Ollie fits into the universe.

  2. Uncaringmachine says:

    I didn’t like this one, and you mentioned the main reason in your review. The art. If only they had stuck with the artist that did the stand-alone issue a couple issues back, but no….I can’t get past the way Harvey feminizes all the men, and draws these really skinny, weird little feet. Must be a fan of Liefeld, WHEN he draws feet. I hope things improve soon, because I really like the character.


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