Earth 2 #0 Review

Earth 2 #0 Review

Six years ago, Terry Sloan chose to save his world, even if doing so made him its greatest villain, in Earth 2 #0.

Earth 2 #0

Six years ago, Earth 2 was at war.  Against the entire planet of Apokolips, stood only eight heroes, who managed to keep the fight a stalemate.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Robin, a mysterious seventh hero, and Terry Sloan, the Eighth Wonder or “Mr. 8.”  In his attempts to save his world, Terry Sloan created a device that allowed him to see into other worlds, and other futures.  His visions showed him that Earth would lose the fight against Apokolips unless they cut their losses, destroying the occupied countries that had already fallen to the Anti-Life Equation.  And so he did just that, destroying huge chunks of the world in order to save the rest.

While the main Earth 2 book has focused on the “new” heroes like Green Lantern and Flash, this zero issue takes us back to a time when the Trinity was still alive and kicking.  But appearances can be deceptive, because in reality this book isn’t about Earth’s greatest heroes, this was the origin story of the man who might end up being the main villain of the series.

We’ve already seen Sloan take down Mr. Terrific, and reveal his association with the World Army, which has been stockpiling superheroes against their will.  Now we find out that he was responsible for fire-pits that are spread out across the world, ironically making it look like the very world they were fighting, Apokolips.  The metaphor is a juicy one, basically to stop Darkseid, Sloan had to become Darkseid.

And while his M.O. comes across as a little too much like Ozymandias from WATCHMEN (smartest guy on Earth blows up a part of it to save the rest), it is still a motivation I find enjoyable.  I can get behind a bad guy who thinks he’s doing the right thing, as opposed to one who just likes to kill and hurt people for fun.

Frankly, there’s not a lot here to discuss.  The whole issue is basically one long fight scene, with Robinson falling back on the tried-and-true method of having the bad guy take control of Superman and turn him into a monster for the other guys to fight.  Seeing has how the Parademons were seen attaching something to Superman’s head as they “killed” him back in issue one, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a precursor to Superman returning as a brainwashed monster in the main book sometime.

Tomas Giorello’s art was very nice, and fits in with what Nicola Scott has been doing in the main book enough to not be distracting, although I wish both of them would draw Superman’s suit the way Ivan Reis does on the covers, instead of with that big metal s-shield.  Giorello’s art has a blurred, almost painted edge that helps with the flashback tone of the story.

Overall, this was an enjoyable if somewhat standard tale.  The real point here is the “introduction” of Terry Sloan, who I fully expect to turn into the main bad guy, or at least one of the “bosses.”


Pros Cons
Good backstory for a bad guy Nothing we really didn’t see in issue 1

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  1. Mickey Logan says:

    Wow. Robinson is an abysmal writer. His grammar is atrocious. Here’s a thought, DC: how about hiring writers who have at least a passing familiarity with the language we’ve all agreed upon, ok? I mean, language is supposed to be the tool of his trade…


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