Justice League #13 Review

Justice League #13 ReviewWonder Woman’s archenemy the Cheetah gets the drop on the League in JUSTICE LEAGE #13

Justice League #13

After a solo fight with Cheetah leaves Wonder Woman unconscious and defeated, something the League has never seen, the team decides to help her bring the villain down.  Diana is reluctant, until Superman, with whom she shared a kiss recently, convinces her that the fact they want to help doesn’t mean they think she needs it.  It turns out that Cheetah was once Wonder Woman’s best and most trusted human friend, an expert on all things mythological and dangerous, who was accidently cut by a mystic dagger tied to a lost tribe of Amazons, and possessed by the Goddess of the Hunt.  Following her trail to the Congo, the team is ambushed, and Cheetah manages to bite Superman, turning him into a wild Cheetah-monster as well.

After last month’s “kiss heard round the world,” things on that front come to a sudden stop, as we pick up that plot a few seconds after the kiss, as Diana pulls back and leaves Superman standing alone.  It seems that this story will take a lot longer to tell, and isn’t just an immediate status-quo shift.  That helps explain all the other Super-writers reluctance to comment on whether Wonder Woman will be showing up in Superman’s books.  This is an actual story that Johns is telling here, so he’s probably not going to want someone else messing with the beats.

When we heard that the Cheetah was going to be the villain of this arc, I literally laughed.  I’m not as familiar with Diana’s mythology as I am with Kal-El’s, but I was pretty sure having her take on the League single-handed was kind of a stretch.  Again, not sure about her back-story, but her being possessed by a literal goddess does seem to help bridge the gap a bit.  I enjoyed Diana’s point about the League never butting in to stop Luthor or Metallo, so why should they help her with her villains?  She’s right, you never see the League show up when Arkham Asylum breaks open, or when Mirror Master robs a bank.  And yet, maybe that’ll help Cheetah’s assault on the team, only Wonder Woman knows her, and will be inclined to fight solo, throwing off the whole group’s balance. 

Not to mention, Super-Cheetah.

Whatever the case, I pray the resolution to this fight is something other than Batman saying “Everybody use your powers on her at once.”  Why that isn’t the first thing the League does, and is always the last, I will never know. 

Tony Daniel’s art was pretty sweet.  I haven’t been reading his books for a long time, so I haven’t really looked at it since BATMAN RIP.  Massive difference.  And yet, here it is suitably epic.  The character’s and the settings look vast and grand.  It almost makes me want him to stay on this book a little longer.  The only thing holding that up in my mind is the advance of Ivan Reis, and the fact that Daniel is moving to ACTION COMICS. 

As for the back-up, I’m glad to see Trevor and Oliver Queen continuing their thread from a few issues back.  If Ollie isn’t on the team proper, I like the idea of him being “secretly” on the team, watching their backs while they are busy watching everyone else’s.  That seems to be a running theme in Johns’ work here, that whole “Who watches the watchmen?” notion, between ARGUS, Trevor, Waller, and the Government.  Heck, even within the team, we get that with Superman and company wanting to help Wonder Woman take out her big bad. 

I wonder if that’s leading anywhere. 


Pros Cons
Great art and solid plot Steve Trevor’s still taking up way too much page-space

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