Iron Man #1 Review

Kieron Gillen and Greg Land launch Iron Man into Marvel NOW!

Iron Man #1

Tony Stark is living free.  After a tumultuous last few years, he’s back and feeling pretty easy.  He’s reverting back to some of his old bird dogging ways and not really so much caring about the consequences.  However, his light mood fades quickly when he receives a special message from Maya Hansen, the inventor of the Extremis formula that was a part of Tony’s life for a while.  It seems that she was kidnapped and forced to recreate it for A.I.M. before being killed.  Now it’s up to Tony to put the demon back in the bottle and stop it from being a complete nightmare of epic proportions.

“exactly the kind of cool you want to see from an Iron Man comic”

I don’t think I need to gush too far on this topic, but I think it must be touched upon…  Kieron Gillen is one of my very favorite Marvel writers.  It’s not even a case as he’s one of my very favorite at this moment.  He has been one of those favorites for a while now.  That being said, I am overly excited about him taking over has the writer on one of the more major Marvel series in the new NOW! initiative.  It’s guys like Gillen who can really help move the House of Ideas forward.

With that out of the way, how did he handle this first issue of Iron Man?  In a few words – pretty damn well.  There’s a humor that comes with his writing that makes his scripts slightly more realistic.  We all know Tony likes to party and the ladies.  Why not just throw that in there?  Along with his monologue about what he believes in, it’s a solid introduction to Tony the man.  After that, there’s always been an aspect of Tony Stark that I felt could play to an almost James Bond character.  I’m not necessarily talking about the super spy element or the womanizing, but the cavalier attitude he carries with him.  When it’s time for action, he doesn’t just have all the toys, he has a smugness that often plays out in him doing “cool” things.  One of those is his transformation into Iron Man when he infiltrates the A.I.M. auction for Extremis.  It was a cool scene that was written well and drawn well by Land.  It was somewhat downplayed but still exactly the kind of cool you want to see from an Iron Man comic.

And speaking of artist Greg Land, I have to say his style works very well for this book.  Look, I know he has detractors out there.  He’s gained a not so great reputation for using a lot of photo reference in his art.  It doesn’t always bother me.  I loved what he did with Crossgen’s Sojourn and when I learned he was doing this book, I felt it was the right decision.  He’s got to be the artist who’s taking over from Salvador Larroca who has an absolutely gorgeous style.  Land has a look that fits Tony Stark’s life.  His characters range from pretty to beautiful.  Land’s other claim to fame is drawing beautiful people.  It’s a great fit and his new Iron Man armor is pretty darn cool.

This is a very solid start that older Iron Man fans should be able to get on board with considering it’s paying tribute to one of the better Iron Man stories in the past 20 years. It’s in great hands as far as script and the art is definitely fitting for Stark’s world of excitement and gorgeous women.


Pros Cons
Nicely scripted by Gillen. Land’s art works very well with this title’s main character. Tip of the hat to the great Extremis story. Not much other than brand new readers may not really know what Extremis is.



  1. Dan says:

    This book wasn’t really that good. It drug on and was extremely slow/boring. The art was ok, but dealing with that stupid grin on Stark’s face for the first few pages was pretty annoying. The only interesting part was in the end when something actually happened.

  2. glen soikie says:

    i love this site and article the book was not bad either cheers


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