New Avengers #33 Review

New Avengers #33

Daniel Drumm wreaks havoc for the New Avengers!

New Avengers #33

Doctor Strange is met by Maria Hill and a few S.H.I.E.L.D. agents inside Daimon Hellstrom’s home in New Orleans.  Strange is convinced that Maria Hill is currently the host for Daniel Drumm’s spirit.  When one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents fires upon Hill’s life model decoy, Strange knows that agent is now carrying Drumm.  The real Maria Hill contacts Strange to let him know she now realizes there is a mystical threat attacking.  She’s called in the other Avengers to which Strange tries to help her send them back.  However, it’s too late as Drumm continues to hop from one body to the next to beat the crud out of the Avengers.  Finally, Doctor Strange returns to battle Drumm one last time.

I should probably add a note here.  I believe in my review of last week’s issue, I mistakenly revealed Brother Voodoo as the villain.  This does not change my opinion of the issue at all.  I apologize for mixing up my Drumm Brothers history.  With that out of the way, let’s talk about the penultimate issue of this volume of New Avengers!

One of the things I really like about this story is how Brian Michael Bendis has opted to tell this story in a much different way than I expected.  He used horror elements, particularly in the previous issue, to really heighten the tension of the story.  He really put the readers on pins and needles wondering who was going to get attacked next or who might actually die.  This issue went more along the lines of being a knock down drag out type of fighting issue, but there’s still a solid foundation this story’s built on.  While I probably would have preferred the more horror elements of the plot to continue at the same momentum that last issue had built, the overall concept for this final Bendis New Avengers story is still a fun one to follow.  The level at which Drumm is using magic to attack the New Avengers has been done well and gives the story an edge that may still end with a major character’s death.

As much as I really do love Michael Avon Oeming’s art style, I’m not sure it really helped the tone of this story.  After two issues of dark and creepy art, Oeming’s style nearly took me out of the story completely.  In the hands of someone like Mike Deodato, this issue could have been as highly regarded as the last.  Unfortunately, this style is a bit too much of a departure for this story.  If it had been Oeming from the start, or if it was the first issue of the arc, it would have been fine, but now it just didn’t quite work out.

One more issue to go, and there’s a big ol’ magic fight a-comin’!


Pros Cons
Story is still working, and it is keeping up with the constant threat against the team. For as much as I like Oeming, his style didn’t quite work for the third issue of the arc.


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