A + X #3 Review

A plus X #3 Review

Avengers Vs. X-Men is over, and there was blood and lots of bad feelings. Our resident Avengers fan (Geoff Arbuckle) and our resident X-Men fan (Victor Kutsenok) come together yet again to discuss the new series rolling out of a new era of Avengers and X-Men cooperation. Join us as they share puppy dogs and ice cream in the new series A+X!

A+X #3

Victor: Hey Geoff, I know you’re still out at your Avengers 4 Ever convention, dressed as Thor, and swinging your homemade Mjolnir replica made of aluminum and paper mache, and I don’t want to impose, but how would you feel about me pretending to be you again for this round of reviews?

Geoff: ……….

Victor: What’s that, Geoff? I’m a better representative of the Avengers than you are with more knowledge and insight that anyone you have ever met?

Geoff: ……….

Victor: And you would be honored to have me speak for the Avengers? Well, in that case, of course I accept.

Geoff: (When I return to these reviews, I will hurt you X-boy!! I promise you that!!)

Victor: So onto the review. A + X #3. Another issue of classic team ups between an Avenger and an X-Man. First up, we have Storm and the Black Panther. Former husband and wife. Two extremely stubborn and majestic characters. How would they work together with so much friction between them from AvX? Turns out, this was a bait and switch. There actually was no team up. Just a little game of cat and mouse between Storm and her ex. I found this story to be a huge missed opportunity. There could have been so much more done here. What do you think Geoff?

Geoff: I’m not really a big fan of this story either. Sure, watching the Black Panther in action as he decimated those A.I.M agents with his superior fighting skills was fun, but I was hoping for some more turmoil when the two finally confronted each other. Instead of harsh words, or a passionate reunion, the two just had a timid grown up conversation. Who the hell wants that in comics? We want to see some action or be entertained with humor. This stuff I can get anywhere. Not to mention the lackluster art. There was so little color distinction that most of the panels blended together. Also, the people had hardly any muscle tone or shape to their bodies. (Except for Storm. Now her shape was pretty distinct.)

Victor: Are you hitting on my goddess, Geoff?

Geoff: No!! Just voicing a random thought.

Victor: Uh Huh. Well, I completely agree with your statements. There was little to no action in the story and the conversation was pretty dull. Also, the art was kind of blase with almost no detail to the panels. Clearly a wasted opportunity for what could have been a great sub plot in future titles. Hopefully the next tale can redeem this issue.

Geoff: You mean the team up between Hawkeye, ex-leader of the Avengers and the best marksman in the Marvel U, and Gambit, that lowlife thief from the X-Men?

Victor: I’d lay off on the name calling. Hawkeye was a villain long before he joined the Avengers so people can change. Not that it happened in this story.

Geoff: That’s right. Hawkeye was doing just fine on his own saving that actress from the evil underground monster when Gambit jumps in and steals the spotlight. (Not to mention some other things from Hawkeye)

Victor: Yeah, that was kind of funny. Still, at least the writer captured Gambit’s personality perfectly in this story. Once again, the threat was more of a joke than an actual threat, but how much of a complete story can you do in 10 pages? This seems to be my biggest gripe with this title other than the terrible art. I remember back in the days of Marvel Comics Presents we had three or four stories an issue and it actually worked. That was mainly because the art was consistent for a period of time and the same writer was doing the story. These books change artists and writers every issue and story.

Geoff: Definitely. It really feels like there is no real reason to read these stories. There is nothing to get absorbed into because the tale is over before it begins. This story in particular had some witty banter but it tried way too hard to be funny. At least the art was a huge improvement over the first story.

Victor: Agreed. Definitely a better attention to detail and overall definition and movement. Still didn’t make me crave for more. Just a shrug and a toss into the never to be read again pile. Maybe what Marvel needs to do is stop with the two stories and try to do just one team up per issue and have it be self contained. Maybe then I would get more into it.

Geoff: You make a solid argument.

So I guess its grading time. I will give this issue a 60. The stories were all right and the art was not as terrible as last issue’s Bachalo debacle.

Victor: Never mention that man’s name again. If you do, he might be hired to draw again and we do NOT want that to happen.

I will agree on the 60. I enjoyed the Hawkeye/Gambit story since it stayed pretty close to what the characters are really like. Also, we got to see Gambit show up Hawkeye. That brought a smile to my face. Let’s pray next issue is better as these last two were nothing but blah.

Geoff: Til next month, Vic. (And Hawkeye would totally kick Gambits @$$ in a real fight!!)

Oh well, time to leave Wonderland once again. Until next month then, and hopefully the return of the real Geoff, who is sure to give me a piece of his mind for my misrepresentation of his character, I bid you all a fond adieu.


Pros Cons
decent stories. decent art. no real threat or action or reason to care about anything that happens in this title


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