Conan #10 Review

Conan #10 Review

The plague of Death arrives on the Tigress ship. Conan and Belit might be in trouble.

Conan #10

Belit and Conan are back on the Tigress after a recent bitter and cold encounter they previously had in Cimmeria with a Conan imposter. Took place in Conan #8 & 9 but now once back on board the Tigress Belit realizes she has everything she could ever want and leaving the Tigress again would just be pointless for her at this point. They have respect across the ocean out of fear of them, the Tigress plunders at will, they have plenty of riches on board, and no longer have other pirates who are willing to stand up to her Tigress crew and that worries her. With no more rival pirates willing to fight them back she now worries Conan will grow bored of his time on the ship so she turns to N’yaga for a little fortune telling. N’yaga while in a trance mutters “the death” over and over sending chills up Belit’s spine. Conan begins to feel as if the Tigress is being tailed from afar and his feeling becomes a reality. When he awakes there is a ship docked next to theirs with a mysterious prisoner. Belit allows the prisoner on board when N’gora realizes to late that the prisoner might be sick. When morning comes the prisoners seems as he has self combusted and the ships crew is now infected with this mysterious plague this prisoner carried.

“knocking Conan out the park issue after issue”

Brian Wood has been doing an amazing job with his Conan run and take this from someone who was never a Conan follower until now. I am hooked and this is one of favorite books to read monthly. Brian Wood has been able to paint a beautiful picture with Conan’s and Belit’s love and in their twisted little world. Its almost as if its a match made in heaven. Conan’s the ultimate warrior and Belit’s the most feared pirate in the ocean with her Tigress crew. As we enter what apparently will be Belit’s final issues before her undeniable death I can only wonder in what direction Brian Wood will take the series in. This Conan series is unlike any of the previous Conan series with this one focusing on a much younger Conan who’s not as experienced yet. Don’t get me wrong it’s still Conan hacking and slashing but he is much slimmer and younger looking with much to learn before he becomes king. This is Conan in an unfamiliar way to many of us and its good.

Becky Cloonan did set the bar high early on in the series but with artist’s like Declan Shalvey I must admit its pretty hard for her to maintain it. Declan is able to capture the pure grittiness of the story which absolutely helps set the mood for what’s to come. The beautiful splash page Declan puts together manages to capture the Tigress’s beauty in the ocean while still giving you that sense of creepiness about it with his attention to detail. Dave Stewart beautifully complements Declan’s grittiness with his use of gray, dull green, and dull blue colors almost making it play out like a nightmarish dream.

Brian Wood has been knocking Conan out the park issue after issue and his supporting cast of artist and colorist have definitely played a major role with giving you that savagery of Conan feel. This is a solid title all around and I have yet to fine a flaw in any issue.


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Brian is a master at pacing and the story flows fluently. Expect no action in this issue but the set up here will lead into something much bigger which will be worth our wild. No head busting from Conan this issue but I can live with that.


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