Conan the Barbarian #11 Review

Conan #11 Review

The Death part two story continues what could possibly lead into one of Conan’s biggest moments.

Conan the Barbarian #11

Conan the Barbarian #11 turns out to be a very powerful issue as Conan reevaluates his current situation with Belit. In issue #10 we saw the crew become mysteriously sick when a sick passenger arrived. Helping him out turned a good deed into the biggest mistake Belit could have ever done. By now the entire ship is infected with the mysterious plague so Conan decides to head into Bakal in hopes if finding help. Conan stops by a local bar and quickly finds himself at odds with the villagers. After a quick bar brawl Belit arrives and saves Conan from having to take on the entire bar. Belit who at this point can barely stand much less walk tells Conan it would be best if he just left her and the rest of the Tigress ship to die by morning from the plague. Belit does not want to infect Conan and wants him to leave while he still has a chance. Belit’s words will later play a role in Conan reevaluation of his life and if he should just accept that Belit might die and heed her wishes to let go of his love for her.

Brian Wood continues to deliver with Conan issue after issue and now that we are closing in on Wood’s half way point of his run things might go into the next phase of Conan in a big way. Belit might not make past next issue but I am keeping my fingers crossed that she does because I am loving her connection with Conan. The powerful queen with her warrior husband by her side and both are the best at what they do. The issue itself is pretty straight forward and for new readers it probably wouldn’t be the best entry point into the series but for current readers it’s just some more goodness and more to think about from Brian Wood.

Declan Shalvey continues to do a great job with the art. Everything from Conan’s bloody opponent face to when he chokes him out and the guys eyes rolled back was very cool. Declan’s splash page on page 3 was awesome with all the amazing detail to the fire on the burning boat. Dave Stewart plays a major role bringing out Declan’s art with the beautiful coloring as it helped the splash page completely pop more with the fire coloring. Massimo’s Carnevale’s cover art was just awesome this issue and has to be one of the current runs best covers. Very gritty looking stuff with beautiful coloring.

Brian Wood is in my top three of current favorite writers in the industry today. He continues to due a stand up job with delivering Conan and making us all believe in this under 25 year old inexperienced warrior that will one day become king. Issue #11 is definitely a critical issue in the Conan run as he questions if its time to let Belit go or risk becoming sick himself while trying to save her. I am hoping to see Belit stick around a bit more but if Wood is planning to go into another faze with Conan then “The Death” arc would be a perfect exiting point for Belit. Theirs plenty of untold Conan tales to tale before we hit Brian Woods 25 issue run and I am looking forward to it.


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Great steady story pacing by wood, awesome art work by Declan, and a super cool cover by Massimo which was pure eye candy for me. No complaints at all.


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