Deadpool #2 Review

Deadpool #2 Review

Deadpool continues to battle the onslaught of resurrected dead presidents of the United States of America.

Deadpool #2

In Deadpool’s #1 final panel we saw Abraham Lincoln shoot poor Wade Wilson in the back of the head. In issue #2 Deadpool seems to be in paradise as he is laid up (or briefly dead from the shot) in the sun on a beach surrounded by two hot babes namely Emma Frost and Sue Richards. Both ladies get into a very sexy brawl over Deadpool just before She Hulk arrives and plants a big one on ol’ Wade. Deadpool immediately revives to a dead Benjamin Franklin who wants to help him stop the dead presidents. JFK and the undead presidents leader George Washington are strong arming the wacked out guy who originally raised the dead in issue #1 into raising Washington’s dead soldiers so he can fix America by wagging another civil war. Deadpool eventually fights Teddy Roosevolt in the Los Angeles Zoo in a comical yet pleasing brawl. Posehn & Duggan perfectly capture Teddy Roosevolt as a mans man and an excellent hunter. Deadpool and Roosevelt’s encounter was perfectly drawn and scripted out and not overly done for either character. Agent Prescott hints mid issue that they might need some help and in the very final panel they seemingly are going to approach Dr. Strange for help. A Dr. strange and Deadpool is an unlikely team up bit surely an interesting one if it happens next issue.

“a balls to the wall action story”

Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan are two for two with Deadpool’s latest run. I haven’t had enough experience with the previous Deadpool run but I can easily say Posehn & Duggan are hitting a fun comical stride with the character. The new MarvelNOW series has all the ingredients of what makes a Low budget “B Movie” great. Cheesy one liners, lame jokes, plenty of action, blood & guts and you know what? I loved every minute of it. There’s no long detailed back story to what’s happening because in issue #1 Posehn & Duggan get things rolling quickly, easily, and with plenty of action with an easy enough to follow plot. Agent Prescott has been charged with cleaning up the dead president mess and has been doing a great job keeping Wade in check. After all she was the one who had the bright idea of bringing Wade onboard as a secret op for S.H.I.E.L.D to deal with the dead presidents. There’s only one more character to have any other relevance in what’s going on and it’s Benjamin Franklin who will assist Deadpool in defeating the dead presidents…that is after Deadpool comes to terms that Ben is real. Well, in his head atl east.

Tony Moore’s artistic style definitely gives the story arc a nice gritty feel yet its still laid back enough to laugh at. Moore even manages to give William Gaines a nod during Washington’s dead army resurrection panel with his name on one of the tombstones. Val Staples brilliantly uses a nice set of dull colors like gray, green, a various shades of blue to give the book a nice dark feel while incorporating nice bright red, yellow, orange colors to give readers a nice wow effect in certain scenes.

Posehn & Duggan are doing a great job telling a balls to the wall action story while Tony Moore & Val Staples perfectly complement them on art and coloring duties. If you’re looking for a straight up action series that will make you laugh while not taking itself too serious then Deadpool is for you.


Pros Cons
Plenty of action & great pacing I really don’t have any rifts with the book at the moment. So far so good.



  1. GerryDuggan says:

    Much thanks for the kind review – so glad you’re digging it

    • Hamilton Ortiz says:

      Glad you liked my review. You’re doing a great job on the series. Check out my review for Deadpool #3


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