FF #2 Review

FF #2 Review

The new FF deal with the idea that Marvel’s first family aren’t coming home any time soon.

FF #2

You can easily sum up this title in one word, sublime. Matt Fraction and Michael Allred’s partnership delivers another fantastically engaging issue that is full of fun, action and character.

“fantastically engaging”

The way in which Fraction delivers his script is just as entertaining as the content. The structure of the narrative balances a well paced plot, character moments and action. Cuts to humorous panels add a wit to the structure that he utilises to full effect. His comedic delivery is superb, especially with the help of Allred. Even the choice of villain is perfect for the type of tale Fraction is writing.

Taking cues from his other success Hawkeye, Fraction concerns himself mainly with establishing all the characters of the new FF. Sparse uses of dialogue allow Medusa to shine as the aloof Queen she is supposed to be. She-Hulk is the perfect analogy for The Thing as Fraction places her as the teams snarky comic relief. The new girl Darla is surprisingly endearing and her decision at the end of the issue may not be permanent, but helps define her. But the star of the issue is Ant Man. He is in over his head and Fraction has a great time showing his stress. He steals every scene, be it lying about his past to a bunch of kids or shrunk inside a monster. You empathise with his situation and that is a testament to Fraction’s ability to handle characterisation.

This characterisation is enhanced by Allred’s gorgeous art. His style plays to Fractions strengths and gives the book a great tone. Laura Allred’s colours makes the art pop off the page. The vibrant imagery adds to the distinct quirky feel that permeates the title. Allred’s character detail is second to none, with his expressive characters delivering witty side looks and smirks. His panel layouts are excellent and page 2 is a highlight. Allred delivers media satire, monsters and nice character moments with the same level of detail. The book is just stunning to look at.

FF is shaping up to be one of the best titles of Marvel Now! It has wit, charm and a quirky tone that other books only dream of. Fraction and Allred are delivering a mainstream superhero comic that looks and sounds like a indie. It is a joy to read and if you haven’t picked it up you are missing out.


Pros Cons
The book is excellent. Balancing character, action and fun. With art that is gorgeous none



  1. John Barringer says:

    That page with Dragon Man in the “Boop Boop” room was ALL Kirby. Wow. Awesome stuff!


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