Iron Man #3 Review

Iron Man #3 Review

Iron Man’s search for Extremis leads to a Colombian drug lord, and a trio of old foes in IRON MAN #3.

Iron Man #3

Tony’s continued search for those misusing Extremis leads to Colombia.  There, he uses a new stealth armor, which is light on fire-power and heavy on hologram tech, to get inside the compound of a drug lord, Juan Carlos Valencia.  Expecting to find an army of tech- soldiers, he instead finds that the criminal is using Extremis to heal his daughter’s cancer.  But before he can react, Tony is tackled by Valencia’s guards, Living Laser, Firebrand and Vibro.  Even with his scaled-down armor, Tony is able to beat the trio.  He then upgrades the Extremis tech to ensure the young girl’s survival before taking her father to jail.

“can’t say enough good things about this book”

If there is one thing I’m loving about this comic, it’s the various ways Tony has to readjust his armor depending on the mission.  In issue 1, he had liquid all-purpose armor that could do anything, but here we learn that it doesn’t always work best, and that sometimes Tony needs to use tech specially made for a certain task.  Last issue he brought his entire freaking armory to a fight, and kept changing things up to match his opponents.  It helps keep things more realistic, as Tony’s armor can’t just magically do anything, and it forces him to think ahead to what he will need on an issue by issue basis.

The plot, about a drug lord using Extremis to save his daughter, was pretty “paint by numbers,” with the reveal being telegraphed a mile away.  Still, it was an enjoyable tale that keeps a little variety in the arc, as not everyone wants to use Extremis to rule the world.   Valencia and his daughter are little more than cyphers, with no personality beyond their roles in the story.  But really, do you need them to be?  The book is about Iron Man after all.

Again, Tony is perfectly Tony, and his interaction with Pepper very enjoyable.  Having not read the comics before the movies, I have to say that I’m more familiar with the live-action take on these characters, so I’m glad both the look and feel of this book are in-step with what you see on the big screen. I do have to wonder though, if older fans are annoyed by this.  I know from experience that whenever something I’m reading, like Batman or Superman, gets a sucessful adaption, be it cartoon or movie, suddenly the comics shifts to match the more mainstream interpretation, the changes often very abrupt when compared with what came before, as the creators “pander” to new fans.  I’m thinking of X-Men in black leather, for example.

Greg Land’s art is glorious to look at.  Everything from the armor to the villains to the setting are just a joy to look at. Tony’s new suit, seemingly designed in a TRON style, is a great addition to classic armors, and is something I hope will stick around for a while as the defult stealth suit.  If I have one problem, is that’s everybody in this book has a mustache.  Seriously, Tony, Arthur last issue, and Valencia here all kind of favor each other.  Maybe that is on purpose, drawing parallels between hero and villain.  Still, like I mentioned last time with Lancelot looking like Black Widow’s twin, I’m thinking it’s just reliance on stock character models.  A little more variety would be nice.

Still, I just can’t say enough good things about this book.  Keep up the good work.


Pros Cons
Beautiful new armor and concept Too many stock character models


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