Iron Man #8 Review

Iron Man #8 Review

Iron Man battles for his freedom against Death’s Head!

Iron Man #8

Tony Stark is having a heck of a time against Death’s Head in the Voldi’s Arena of Justice.  The giant robot his having his way with Tony until 451 is able to free his Iron Man armor.  When Tony suits up and escapes from the arena, he’s followed by drones with only one mission – kill all heresy.  When he gets back to his outer space armory he discovers his pursuers are deactivated.  That’s when he learns of 451’s theft of the Voldi’s most precious item.  The item hid the Voldi from the Celestials and with that no longer in their possession, their Gods come and completely wipe them out, leaving none alive.

“Exciting, well scripted and well drawn.”

There are a couple reasons why this issue is my favorite of the series to date.  The first is that there’s some good action in it.  In fact, it’s one of the more exciting books I’ve read all year.  Tony’s battle with Death’s Head is nicely narrated.  What Kieron Gillen does extremely well here is instead of trying to show Tony using wit and intelligence to come up with something of a way to defeat Death’s Head without his armor, he just says that’s all bullshit and eventually has the armor come and bail Tony out anyway.  The second comes later as 451 tells Tony how the machine used him for its own needs.  I loved the comparison of what the Voldi were to the Celestials to what leeches are to us.  It was a really well scripted and well drawn sequence that was incredibly exciting to boot.

Speaking of the art, I’ve really liked Greg Land’s work on these last few issues.  The more cosmic feel has made this story that much larger and Land’s Celestials in this issue almost look like they came straight out of Jack Kirby’s pencil.  The battle in the arena was grand and exciting.  This setting is treating Land well and he’s doing a great job with the arc.

It might be odd to think of Iron Man as an outer space hero, but this particular issue is most definitely the finest of the series to date.  This is the type of issue that I want out of Iron Man.  It’s a nice mix of fun and action with a little humor thrown in.  This issue concludes with a side of Tony that we don’t often see anymore.  Instead of him being the smiling, cocksure guy with all the gadgets, he’s angry and read to dole out some justice.  He’s also potentially found himself a brand new recurring villain that’s more than just a collection of odd things.  He’s an already well rounded villain with enough intrigue that makes it all work for the better.


Pros Cons
Exciting, well scripted and well drawn. What I’d like to get out of an Iron Man book. The outer space setting might be odd to some.


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