A Super Size Amount Of New Footage From Man Of Steel [Trailer Breakdown]

The newest, and probably finale, Man of Steel trailer is released and along with it lots of new footage and even a possible hint at a certain bald guy.

0:00 – 0:04 - Jor-El was right. Planet Krypton is being destroyed/dying/at war.


0:10 - Aw. Little Kal-El is pretty cute. And young. Really young. Like was just born young. With all that goo all over him.

0:18 - “Hell be an outcast. They’ll kill him.” Jor-El, “How? He will be a god to them.” I made a meme out of that line…

Man of Steel Meme

0:34 - Footage we’ve seen before with new voice over from Jor-El.

1:04 - “Can’t I just keep pretending I’m your son?” Jonathan Kent, “You are my son.” – Great, I’m going to cry in this movie.


1:10 – 1:17 - More familiar footage with new voice over from Jonathan Kent.

1:19 - Young Sups finding something in the arctic.

1:22 – Mixture of new and old footage with voice over from Lois Lane.

1:29 - Pre-Superman saving people from fire. Cool beard.


1:36 - Looks like a good place to build a fortress. Someplace you can be in solitude maybe.


1:37 - More Jor-El voice over kicks in.

1:58 - As Superman powers up so does the music.

2:00 - Same Superman breaking the sound barrier footage but with intense music.

2:07 - Not sure what that squid creature is but it looks like Superman fights it so I’m in.


2:08 - More footage from Krypton?

2:10 - Superman deflecting some kind of energy beam? Then flying into it?


2:11 - General Zod, “You believe your son is safe?” Gotta be before Krypton blows up, the beginning of Zod’s search.

2:14 - “I will find him!” Wow. I’m going to LOVE General Zod.

2:16 - Missile being launched at a Kryptonian?


2:18 - That looks like LexCorp to me. I wonder…

Man of Steel trailer LexCorp

2:19 - Superman voice over.

2:22 - Superman being faster than a speeding bullet.

2:26 - Military planes approaching something hovering over Metropolis. Very Independence Day-ish.

2:227 - Woman is in awe at Henry Cavill’s muscles.



2:36 - Cute scene with Lois Lane and Superman where it looks like the name “Superman” is first coined.

2:38 - Dang Henry Cavill makes for a good Superman.

2:48 - Final scene of Superman punching someone as flies, a lot, really fast, really cool.


Man this movie looks good. Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon and everyone else looks perfect for their roles, the music sounds amazing, it looks to be both action packed and full of good character moments – the Superman in this movie is bringing hope to the world and this trailer is bringing hope to the fans.

The only noticeable thing missing, Clark Kent in glasses working at the Daily Planet. Perhaps that being reserved in the trailers, perhaps it’s not even in this movie. We’ll see.

On June 14.



  1. Andrew says:

    Awesome breakdown, but you misspelled “Lois” twice.


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