Superior Spider-Man #8 Review

Superior Spider-Man #8 Review

Just when you think the Superior Spider-Man is going to get caught…

Superior Spider-Man #8

The Avengers have trapped Spider-Man.  When they finally subdue him (with the help of ghostly Peter Parker), they run a battery of tests and only learn that he’s not a Skrull or being mind controlled in any way.  They place Spidey on probation and Black Widow offers her ear if he ever needs to talk about whatever is going on with him.  After being released, Spider-Man hunts down Cardiac and attempts to take back the item of Ock’s that Cardiac is using to help a young brain damaged girl.  Once Ock discovers what the device is being used for, he helps Cardiac and heals the girl.  He realizes this might just be what he was cut out for, but first, he borrows the device to find the lurking persona of Peter Parker in Ock’s own mind and prepares to perform a procedure to cut Pete out of his mind for good.

“It feels more all over the place instead of having one thread.”

While I have less problems with this issue compared to last, it’s been an incredibly uneven ride over the last few issues.  Last issue’s script felt overly written in such a way to make it feel like something out of the Silver Age.  This issue has pretty much dropped that and returned to a little more  straightforward style of writing.  There is a slightly lighter tone in general on display and while that is handled well with how the Avengers are shown handling the results in the more comedic scene or the sweeter ending with the little girl getting cured by Ock and it touching him, it’s this unevenness that is unnerving about the series.  That’s not  me saying that I require this issue to be continually dark or serious, but there’s been such a stark difference in how the issues are individually written.  The last issue didn’t come off all that well.  This issue feels more like what this series should be when it isn’t dark or even terrifying with how Ock plays Spidey.  There are times in which it almost comes off as this series is coming out too often or there has been some editorial interference to make this story last longer or have forced moments of anger or arch-speak or the types of scenes we see here where Ock is actually growing a heart that isn’t blackened by hate.

Like I said, this issue is better than the last but it does reveal one weakness that the series can’t seem to shake.  Not each issue seems to have a consistent feel.  We’re too often moving from one issue to the next with completely different feels as if the series is showing more of an assorted series of vignettes of Doc Ock as Spider-Man instead of a one series that has a consistent feel from one issue to the next.  Yes, I understand that this is paralleling Ock’s own journey straddling the role of a hero and what his own hubris feels he should be.  However, that’s been lost in the unevenness of the scripts and plots.  It feels more all over the place instead of having one thread with a true arc based on a series of events that Ock has handled in particular ways.  Until that consistency can be found, it’s hard to know what to expect out of this series and that makes for a not-always-pleasurable reading experience.


Pros Cons
Script’s better and lighter side is legitimately funny. The sweeter ending with the girl getting what she needs to be cured is one of the nicer touches of the series to date. Art isn’t among my favorite styles. Script shows inconsistency of the series and distracts from the good in the issue itself.


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